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2018-12-23 06:25 50006540 Anonymous (1515828974590.jpg 780x879 599kB)
If you are subscribed to Pewdiepie you do not belong here.

13 min later 50006722 Anonymous (1436744800734.gif 600x600 493kB)
>>50006540 Would do it because I think he's alright but I don't feel like signing up to utube, it feels like datamining/privacy rape HQ right there. Why couldn't anyone start some alternative based in russia that isn't some greedy ass lawsuit central.

13 min later 50006738 Anonymous
>>50006722 youpak and hooktube exist

14 min later 50006749 Anonymous
>having a youtube account >subscribing to youtubers pathetic

16 min later 50006774 Anonymous
>>50006540 >If you are subscribed to Pewdiepie you do not belong here. Wrong

16 min later 50006779 Anonymous
>>50006774 He is a neo-nazi and normalfag.

18 min later 50006808 Anonymous
>>50006779 99.99% of all media creators are normalfags though. Being a robot puts you in a very small minority.

23 min later 50006883 Anonymous
I don't use an account for YT but Pewd is the last massive user who defies the increasingly foreign and corporate nu-Tube. Once T-Series takes the #1 spot and stays there, old "Broadcast Yourself" YouTube will be on it's death bed and the site will be doomed as an imitation of streaming services with the occasional good channel popping up for a while before getting nuked for vague community guidelines violations.

25 min later 50006914 Anonymous
What if I subscribe to T-series?

26 min later 50006928 Anonymous
>>50006779 >He is a neo-nazi yes and?

27 min later 50006935 Anonymous
>>50006928 You can't be a robot if you're right wing.

27 min later 50006940 Anonymous
>>50006540 Yes, I am subscribed to Pewdiepie. His content is pretty boring nowadays, but I support him in his battle against T-series.

28 min later 50006952 Anonymous (1510217586490.jpg 1366x768 194kB)
I subscribed to that other youtube channel that's about to surpass him just to piss off his edgy teenaged fanbase. Embarrassing people.

29 min later 50006971 Anonymous
>>50006883 This is why I'm subbed to PDP, I don't enjoy a bulk of his content much but he definitely represents what the site should be about; some guy in front of a camera doing whatever the fuck he wants with no writing staff or corporate entity pushing him to make content a certain way or to appeal to a certain demographic.

30 min later 50006978 Anonymous

30 min later 50006990 Anonymous
>>50006952 t. gets mad at people for liking good shows and games because he saw on reddit that they like it too t. browses reddit to get mad also >>50000000

33 min later 50007013 Anonymous
>>50006914 i did that desu. felix should have disappeared a long time ago.

33 min later 50007015 Anonymous
>>50006978 This man is right. NPCs come on /r9k/ and tell us who belongs here. Weird times we live in.

34 min later 50007037 Anonymous
>>50006883 This is correct. The eventual unthroning of Pewds will be a representative moment, a milestone on youtube's descent into the corporate bog.

36 min later 50007064 Anonymous
>>50006990 That's a lot of projection. I just clicked on a button because some kids wouldn't shut up about muh pewds. His content has always been garbage too so your argument is invalid.

36 min later 50007076 Anonymous
>>50006935 Robots ran Germany in 1943 Check it m7

37 min later 50007089 Anonymous
>>50006540 I subscribed to him as an act of protest to youtube. T-Series is a corporate youtube chanal from India, youtube used to be all about broadcasting yourself, not broadcasting corporations. That being said, I do understand that Pewdiepie has gotten so big that he is, in essence, a corporation all on himself, but he started just like the rest of us. Another reason I subscribed to pewdiepie is that I am against what Google is doing to India. As India develops it will have more and more people going to the internet. With more of them being brought here culture is going to change. I like my internet being western oriented. Who knows what changes will be made when they come in hoards of millions to our already established sites.

38 min later 50007105 Anonymous
>>50006883 >>50006971 >>50007037 Unironically and originally correct.

40 min later 50007141 Anonymous
>>50007089 >Who knows what changes will be made when they come in hoards of millions to our already established sites. Damn, that's a lot of bobs and vegana.

45 min later 50007199 Anonymous
this is false dichotomy 101. i like how people are all up in arms about YouTube being corporate now. maybe they haven't used it since ~2012 but it's been shilling from the majority of people that put out constant content since around that time. just because some rich faggot has a bunch of slaves willing to shill for him for free so some corp indian channel isnt number one you care now? go sub and watch some small channel with shitty editing and sporadic updates and see how long you stay entertained. we've all been trained to like this glossy swill.

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