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2018-12-23 06:24 50006537 Anonymous I can't even sleep (IMG_7817.jpg 1080x1920 325kB)
Anons i need your help >be me >4am, dad is awake and watching tv >I'm awake too and I KNOW my dad will start shit with me coz I am up >hiding in the study with a fucking asuna and doge pillow on the floor cold and sad What the fuck do I do I just want to get back to my bed, pic related

17 min later 50006785 Anonymous (1468828246395.jpg 604x558 57kB)
>>50006537 The best thing to do is to fuck your mom and cuck your dad. That way he cant say shit anymore since youre the man of the house now.

19 min later 50006816 Anonymous
>>50006537 Make a account on Grindr and find a sissy bottom to pound

25 min later 50006910 Anonymous
>>50006537 >owning a fucking daki I'd start shit with you too.

1 hours later 50007692 Anonymous
>>50006816 Find a gun and kill yourself you disgusting faggot

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