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2018-12-23 06:24 50006534 Anonymous (DC3E2BCE-86A6-4C6C-ADC3-859474D11B3D.jpg 900x1273 203kB)
Oof it really hurts to realize that this is how most of our lives are going to end up playing out

1 min later 50006566 Anonymous
>>50006534 good riddance, evolution in action

2 min later 50006573 Anonymous
>>50006534 >Oof stop shilling your shitty, unoriginal "art" you fucking faggot

6 min later 50006639 Anonymous
>>50006534 post the one with the nerds studying hard to succeed and shit, that one always triggers me good

8 min later 50006663 Anonymous
>>50006534 What is this comic supposed to be saying? That women are evil for turning down pathetic men who commit suicide when they're rejected in favor of men who can satisfy them sexually? Why did somebody draw this?

8 min later 50006668 Anonymous
>>50006566 >women picking their mates is evolution I wish it really was survival of the fittest and not survival of the women's approval

10 min later 50006684 Anonymous
>>50006668 That's what fittest means you fucking dope.

11 min later 50006702 Anonymous
>>50006663 Maybe the blackpill is not necessarily just an attack on women

12 min later 50006714 Anonymous
>>50006534 Can you blame them tho? They are not obliged to accept their looks match when they can get much better. Blame society for allowing and encouraging this. Also why didn't the guy go for some girl as short as him or shorter. Or fat or ugly. At least exhaust all the options. Nigger.

14 min later 50006739 Anonymous
>>50006684 No it doesn't. In the wild most of the time and everything that lives mates. This is lek mating, and typically males have to kill each other in lek mating. This is entirely new.

15 min later 50006764 Anonymous (E3D10A2E-CC7D-45E2-8E86-7249667EA3FE.jpg 923x1600 272kB)
>>50006573 Here ya go bruvv

16 min later 50006766 Anonymous
>>50006739 >In the wild most of the time and everything that lives mates that's a load of BS though.

16 min later 50006775 Anonymous
>>50006739 No, only the creatures CAPABLE of surviving reproduce, which is the case here. Men competing over women is nothing new. Cavemen did this. What are you talking about Anon? Nothing has changed. The strong overpower the weak.

17 min later 50006781 Anonymous
>>50006534 Brent worked harder so why shouldn't it? Felix should have gone gay

19 min later 50006812 Anonymous
>>50006766 https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evol ibrary/article/side_0_0/fitenough_0 1 >>50006775 You're retarded, there have been times when chads were even bigger and only 1/17 men reproduced.

19 min later 50006817 Anonymous
>>50006764 lmao wew that nigga on the bottom left hits a little to close to home.

20 min later 50006835 Anonymous (1456CB57-67D4-4F96-8047-C2F43EE12326.png 908x668 722kB)
The blackpill isnt anti women its just amoral honesty

20 min later 50006840 INFP
>>50006534 IMAGINE being so much of a cuck that you kill yourself because of women when there is so much to experience out there literally yikesing so hard rn, 20yo khv btw

21 min later 50006854 Anonymous
>>50006812 Bigger than 6'3"? Are you high? The average used to be like 5'5"-5'7"

21 min later 50006861 Anonymous
>>50006840 I mean the realization that your life is going to be a constant struggle for acceptance that you lost from the start is pretty bad

23 min later 50006885 Anonymous
>incel couldnt handle the roastie bantz hahaha

23 min later 50006887 Anonymous
>>50006812 Chad had to sleep and fight chad bro off, good time to quickly slip your dick into stacy and bitch didn't even complain or yelled metoo back then.

23 min later 50006888 Anonymous
>>50006854 Yea and the 1/17 of men that were 6ft + fucked all of the women and dominated society

24 min later 50006892 Anonymous
>>50006835 >implying homosexuality is bad shiggy diggy

24 min later 50006894 INFP
>>50006861 IMAGINE having your life revolve around trying to impress women lmao

24 min later 50006896 Anonymous
>>50006861 i'm like that because i have ten different mental illnesses PLUS being short but you dont see me blowing my faggotry brains out all because women hurt my feefees

25 min later 50006902 Anonymous
>>50006861 imagine being so much of a pathetic shit you base your life on a constant struggle for some roastie's acceptance

25 min later 50006911 Anonymous
>>50006888 Yeah you're high, if that were the case, men taller than 6' wouldn't be a single digit percentage of the population.

27 min later 50006934 Anonymous
>>50006835 What about Scandinavian nations where they've let and encouraged men and women to literally do whatever they want without any cultural push otherwise and the gender divide in the workforce happened naturally?

28 min later 50006942 Anonymous
https://www.google.com/amp/s/psmag. com/.amp/environment/17-to-1-reprod uctive-success The 1of 17 Figure starts right at the beginning of agriculture and civilization. And only christian morality started to give men one woman to mate with for life thousands of years later and now that that is starting to fall apart well be back at the beginning very soon. There is nothing new under the sun. As above so below

28 min later 50006946 Anonymous
>>50006888 so you're backing >>50006775 's argument than?

28 min later 50006959 Anonymous
>>50006894 >>50006896 >>50006902 Lmao whatever tough guys, maybe not everyone wants to live with being a desperate fuck. >inb4 you say then don't be desperate, as if that's how it works

30 min later 50006983 Anonymous
>>50006946 How were they backing that person

31 min later 50006989 INFP
>>50006959 nigga you so deluded you think that trying to impress women ISN'T being a desperate fuck? stop your bending over backwards to suck your dick thinking you're not a woman for fucks sake

31 min later 50006993 Anonymous
>>50006959 you're the desperate one the moment you base your worth on what some roastie based your worth

33 min later 50007012 Anonymous
>>50006993 you don't choose what you base your value on. in the modern age the value of males is determined by how much women want to fuck you. if you're ugly then that's it. you have no value. it's that simple.

33 min later 50007014 Anonymous
>>50006989 If you can't impress anyone you're desperate, it's not about whether you're trying or not. It's a reality of what you are. You can't just ignore the fact that you're poor.

33 min later 50007027 Anonymous
>>50007014 then get a job and make more money

34 min later 50007035 Anonymous
>>50006983 ended up agreeing with >>50006684 's original comparison that survival of the fittest means exactly survival of the woman's choice when she does the job of choosing the fittest.

35 min later 50007044 Anonymous
>>50007027 Not him but this is fucking stupid of you.

35 min later 50007048 INFP
>>50007014 I impress myself. I improve myself constantly, increasing my value to myself. It doesn't matter what other people think. I don't have to flaunt my talents, but when I do people certainly are impressed by them.

36 min later 50007060 Anonymous
>>50007044 fuck off retard. killing yourself over a woman is pathetic.

36 min later 50007061 Anonymous
>>50007035 Women didn't choose 1/17 men, 1/17 men chose the women, what the fuck?

36 min later 50007075 Anonymous (images (14).jpg 465x370 15kB)
>>50007012 >in the modern age, the value of males is determined by how much women want to fuck you.

37 min later 50007092 Anonymous
>>50007075 That's totally true and why men are opting out

38 min later 50007099 Anonymous
Felix then becomes strong and big and successful with career then chases the same girl. Only to reject him over some drug addict MS-13 gangsta literally worse and shorter than him.

38 min later 50007114 Anonymous
>>50007061 women did choose 1/17 of men exactly as how its happening now nothing changed. nature didnt change. survival of the fittest didnt change. only now fittest is shifting a little bit from brute/pure strengh to money making skills.

38 min later 50007115 Anonymous
>>50007092 most men are going gay and create their own value.

39 min later 50007124 Anonymous (1545526929441.png 1193x2663 347kB)
Another one. It's fresh.

39 min later 50007126 Anonymous
>>50007114 no, 1/17 men chose women, just as its happening now

40 min later 50007140 Anonymous
>>50007099 >loser >becoming successful lol

41 min later 50007146 Anonymous
>>50007114 You're a retard who never understood what you were talking about in the first place, but I guess we agree that most men shouldn't try

41 min later 50007153 Anonymous (4cf78ca3a2629491c8e7e59755488340.jpg 493x750 55kB)
>>50006566 >>50006663 >>50006684 >>50006714 Who let these fucking normies in

42 min later 50007155 Anonymous (tb.png 1596x488 1470kB)
>>50007124 you didn't answer my question yesterday faggot

42 min later 50007158 Anonymous
>>50007153 >only normies believe in evolution hmmmm

43 min later 50007165 Anonymous
it is truly over for r9k, robots will be hunted down and exterminated in the near future, it was alright while it lasted.

43 min later 50007170 Anonymous
Who is the faggot who keeps spamming his shitty comics? They are pure shit.

44 min later 50007177 Anonymous
>>50006534 >Gets rejected once >Stops taking care of himself (see hair) >Stares with mouth agape >Poor fashion Yes, this is clearly womens fault

44 min later 50007193 Anonymous
>>50007158 It's just funny that like everything even your view of evolution is a just world viewpoint to make you look like the good guy. You're excusing your success similarly to how we excuse our failure. We actually agree lmao.

45 min later 50007194 Anonymous
>>50007124 Those seem pretty reasonable posts.

45 min later 50007195 Anonymous
>>50007092 >thats totally true for weak little shits that opt to base their worth on the same parameters women base their worth and as logically the worth was 0, they opt out ftfy

45 min later 50007200 Anonymous
>>50007140 I saw a lot of men become that from where I live lol. Heard an engineer getting cuckolded because he left for 6 months. His girl cannot resist the Original D I N T that's why!

46 min later 50007224 Anonymous
>>50007155 What question? Both of these famous chad's are attractive to women. The one on the right more because he's worth dozens of millions of dollars.

47 min later 50007237 Anonymous
>>50007195 Just too self respecting to be a cuck. You can't improve yourself to be on the level of people who ever had to and still consider yourself equal.

47 min later 50007238 Anonymous
>>50007158 Only normies believe women only have any thing to do with it. Women will get impregnated by low iq fuck fuck boy's all the time and make more little iq fuck boy's that will grow up to be just like there father if any thing it's devolving

47 min later 50007241 Anonymous
>>50007124 disregard roasties, go mgtow: the post

47 min later 50007243 Anonymous
>>50007193 >muh just world sounds retarded coming from someone who believes its unfair that he can't get laid just for being a nice guy

48 min later 50007257 Anonymous
>>50007200 engineers have some of the highest marriage rates and lowest divorce rates. most people getting cucked are military. losers don't become engineers except in extremely lucky situations

49 min later 50007259 Anonymous
>>50007243 I've gotten laid and found out where I am on the totem pole actually. Fuck that shit.

49 min later 50007277 Anonymous
>>50007238 >low iq but high value in everything that actually matters. high iq is for gay men.

50 min later 50007278 Anonymous
>>50007060 Most patrician way to die.

51 min later 50007304 Anonymous
>>50007237 we're talking about the same thing here, right? when i say opt out, is opting out of life, not opting out of the female's game of dating, which is more than obvious every non-chad should.

52 min later 50007318 Anonymous (1545507227696.jpg 623x460 74kB)
>>50007277 >High iq is for gay men No it's for men who aren't retarded subhumans like you

53 min later 50007336 Anonymous
>>50007257 am i extremely lucky? coz im a 0/10 in their eyes and im carrying on with my graduation just fine.

56 min later 50007357 Anonymous
>>50007336 >graduation what? if you're still a student then no.

58 min later 50007384 Anonymous
>>50007257 Guess he got unlucky. Happens to people regardless.

1 hours later 50007443 Anonymous
>>50006684 This. All the chads that these girls fuck are naturally smarter than incels, incels are only smarter because they have nothing else to waste their lives on other than reading boring news article, learning about muh irrelevant ancestors history, and random pieces of scientific research. The guys women pick are stronger, better looking, sexually superior, and have higher potential intellectually.

1 hours later 50007456 Anonymous
Did you know that female lions won't fuck male lions that don't have manes?

1 hours later 50007462 Anonymous
>>50007443 Incels are not smart. To be an incel it is a requirement to be dumb.

1 hours later 50007629 Anonymous
>not fetishizing the fact that you're a manlet and get off to the idea of a girl looking down and bullying you for being smaller than her get on my level, scrub

1 hours later 50007743 Anonymous (lmaok.jpg 998x1920 265kB)
>>50006534 I made it. This is one of three girls I'm currently sleeping with. I'm 5'7, lol. She's taller than me, lmao. The tallest girl I've slept with was 6 feet tall. I'm basically a chad-lite.

1 hours later 50007765 Anonymous
>>50006764 idk man, guy with the U on his shirt is fucking SWOLE look at him about to bust out of that shirt three weeks later guy on the left kills himself while the right guy is raping her into submission ya feel

1 hours later 50007798 Anonymous
>>50006663 If someone kills themselves over being rejected, they honestly have no business living

1 hours later 50007830 Anonymous
>>50007462 That can't be true because there are no female incels

1 hours later 50007919 Anonymous
>>50006566 /thread but unironically

1 hours later 50007920 Anonymous
>>50006764 >the nerds chose to marry hot whores. k

1 hours later 50007972 Anonymous
>>50007743 You don't have to state the obvious. I am also 5'7" and lanklets have nothing on me. I have fucked maybe around 40 girls. Tallest girl I dated was 5'11". I also fucked a 5'10" married girl. This height is so much better for getting girls than anything over 6'. Lanklet btfo.

1 hours later 50007976 Anonymous
>>50006534 Kek, I love the way this guy draws vaginas.

1 hours later 50007980 Anonymous
>>50007830 >there are no dumb males

1 hours later 50008016 roastietoastie
>>50006534 >the anatomy of the last panel of pic related You guys know it's further down than you think, right?

1 hours later 50008017 Anonymous
>>50007743 >sleeping with three girls at the same time Degenerate

1 hours later 50008098 Anonymous
>>50008017 I'm making up for lost time. I have about 8 lost years due to suicidal depression and bipolar, where I was far too unstable to think about ANY sort of romantic pursuit. THIS is my renaissance, and I'm loathe to let compromise or threat of danger hold me back for the time being. I'm at huge risk. If there's a price, I'll pay it. You're right. It's degenerate.

1 hours later 50008102 Anonymous
>>50008016 The author has never seen one in real life. You should contact him and offer to be his model.

1 hours later 50008128 Anonymous (1453161918458.jpg 1600x1200 161kB)
>>50007972 My nigga. I feel like me and you meet up every thread. Would buy a beer /10

1 hours later 50008179 Anonymous
>>50006534 Am I supposed to feel bad for the guy that killed himself? Because I don't. If you're gonna kill yourself over something as stupid as some dumb cunt rejecting you, you're way too mentally fragile for this world. Also, this guy's comics are just straight fucking garbage.

1 hours later 50008219 Anonymous
>base your entire lives around the idea of someone else >wonder why you're always so miserable fucking failed normalniggers, you get what you deserve.

1 hours later 50008262 Anonymous
>>50008128 I kinda doubt there are only two 5'7" guys who fuck girls easily on /r9k/. Well okay, maybe on /r9k/ not many non-virgins hang out. But on other boards sure.

1 hours later 50008317 Anonymous
>>50008262 Nah, you're probably spot on. I'd estimate 4-5 on r9k, including us.

1 hours later 50008343 Anonymous
>>50007980 What? What's your point?

1 hours later 50008352 Anonymous (unnamed (4).jpg 512x288 20kB)
>>50007743 >>50007972 >>50008128 >5'7" >not being completely repulsive to girls

2 hours later 50008372 Anonymous
>>50006764 This comic is why going to college and marrying are pointless.

2 hours later 50008429 Anonymous
>>50008352 If real these guys are turbo normalfags.

2 hours later 50008527 Anonymous
>>50008372 Believing in this comic is why you are too stupid to go to college.

2 hours later 50008657 Anonymous (1538968282713.jpg 1024x768 302kB)
>>50008352 I like that you think it's impossible. It boosts my ego even more. >>50008429 Cyborg, actually. Women respond well to someone kind, and funny, but who won't put up with their shit. Women need to be dominated psychologically without being abused, entertained, and fucked well. It's an art, not a science, which is where most people fail.

2 hours later 50008886 Anonymous
>All these normalfag apologists Disgusting hypocrites , why lie and tell someone to "improve" when most women will just sleep with a drug addict on a gas station bathroom because its "adventurous". You should thank god everyday that 2d isn't real because you'd starve to death.

2 hours later 50008966 Anonymous
>>50008886 Your comments are irrelevant to the thread, dipshit. Know what those pieces of shit do that you don't? They don't let women walk all over them, they prioritize themselves, and they don't back down or flip-flop when women challenge them. They stand their ground, and don't apologize for their views. They may be garbage, but they're authentic.

2 hours later 50009173 Anonymous
>>50008966 Nah. it's their protuded maxillae.

2 hours later 50009213 Anonymous
>>50008886 This. Straight guys are drug addicts and have low iq. The only improvement worth pursuing is man love

2 hours later 50009229 Anonymous
>>50009173 If you want to understand women-- from men who actually have real experience, I'd encourage you to go through this thread >>50002635 There's harsh truths, but it's a goldmine.

2 hours later 50009284 Anonymous
>>50008966 >dont let women walk over you >seen as a dick because not attractive >prioritize themselves >ok, i'll do some meth, rob people, and cheat on stacy with her sister >this guy is better than someone with a job and a few hobbies. I wonder why? Oh yeah, he's attractive. >n-not all guys are like that Yeah, not the attractive guys, moving on >dont back down or flip flop when women challenge you >seen as a asshole, mean, not fun to be around. >chad exists >literally no hurdles or obstacles >can do no wrong Eat shit

2 hours later 50009302 Anonymous
>>50009229 >If you want to understand women-- from men who have real experience, thanks to their looks Yep, just what I expected

2 hours later 50009354 Anonymous
>>50009284 I can already tell you've never put my advice to the test, so what the fuck do you know? Pretty much nothing, that's what. >Chad exists There will always be greater and lesser men than yourself. You can either be a fucking baby about it, or you can disregard chads existence and figure out a self-tailored approach that works for you.

2 hours later 50009376 Anonymous
>>50009284 advice like "don't let women walk over you" just makes me lol. Women walking over you implies that women interact with you on a daily basis. If you're ugly, no woman will interact with you. same with "be assertive", "don't back down etc". again: if you're ugly, you will never get a chance to put any of these things into practice, because women are not interested in interacting with guys who exhibit indicators of sub-optimal craniofacial development. just goes to show how sheltered the people giving this advice are- they must be very good looking

3 hours later 50009424 Anonymous
>>50009376 >advice like "don't let women walk over you" just makes me lol. Because you haven't learned how to do it without looking like a bitchy beta male.

3 hours later 50009442 Anonymous
>>50009376 Confident ugly guys get a lot of pussy. Youre wrong man

3 hours later 50009468 Anonymous
>verbally "Anon, sorry im not into you like that." "I hope we can stay friends" >mentally "Thank god I dont have to worry about this ugly chinlet, manlet, sub-human trash trying to date me." "Who the fuck does he think he is attempting to date me, a goddess"? >verbally "Hi chad, want you to know that im not some easy girl, I want a friend" >Mentally "Drag me into your room and fuck me raw NOW!" Prove e wrong.

3 hours later 50009476 Anonymous
>>50009424 there's no such thing as "Beta" and "alpha" just "ugly" and "good looking". i don't blame you for believing this though. it's normal for people who grow up sheltered or coddled to believe such things, since you've never known struggle.

3 hours later 50009497 Anonymous
>>50009476 >beta male denying that there are alphas Ever see a vagina in real life, mr struggle?

3 hours later 50009554 Anonymous
>>50009354 >Use you're "advise" irl >spend a night in jail Thanks ano, I always wanted a criminal record.

3 hours later 50009582 Anonymous
>>50009476 Beta and alpha are simply mental schema to characterize certain behaviours. People can exhibit in both categories. I will break it down for you, since I'm not really your enemy. I'm trying to help. scenario: Woman tests you, does something that displeases you, or is rude to you. >Alpha: Be amused, show no anger, send it right back, Don't let her rattle you. >Beta: Show anger, get upset, throw a tantrum, be quiet and passive-aggressive.

3 hours later 50009583 Anonymous
>>50009497 I was born with a severe spinal deformity. to make up for the lack of balance my skull developed unevenly, and the right side of my cranium is 68% bigger than the other. my right eye is 10 centimeters above my left one. But hey I guess I should just be more confident lol. I'm serious- i don't blame you for having such a narrow view of how the world works, after all you were lucky enough to be born good looking and never experience any type of discrimination or abuse. but you need to understand that many men aren't born in such conditions.

3 hours later 50009611 Anonymous
>>50009424 >just be confident anon >looks dont matter When will these lies cease? Its getting embarrassing.

3 hours later 50009617 Anonymous
>>50009554 So you're chickenshit. Gotcha. You're a male, you should be partially getting off on taking risks. Explain to me how you're going to get thrown in jail, please.

3 hours later 50009630 Anonymous
>>50009583 >muh victimhood please give me attention Severe deformity is not the same as being ugly. I guess your brain never developed either.

3 hours later 50009644 Anonymous
>>50009583 >my right eye is 10 centimeters above my left one Weak bait. You would be world famous if this were the case.

3 hours later 50009653 Anonymous
>>50009630 and you finally admit that looks are the only thing that matters.

3 hours later 50009667 Anonymous
>>50009611 Indeed, when will incel lies cease? Probably only once we get rid of all incels.

3 hours later 50009678 Anonymous
>>50009611 I have never once said, in this whole thread, that looks don't matter. But you can't change your looks, so we're working on something you CAN change. People like this man here >>50009583 are shit out of luck. But nobody knew he was deformed until he spoke up-- Like he should've done right at the beginning of the conversation. But the rest of you can do something about it.

3 hours later 50009682 Anonymous (1532553587487.jpg 923x910 253kB)
>>50006714 I'd rather die a virgin than fucking a fat girl.

3 hours later 50009684 Anonymous
>>50009653 Except if that were true ugly people wouldnt exist. You finally admit youre a loser talking about shit way over his head. Virgin

3 hours later 50009689 Anonymous
>>50009644 I am. I was featured in some medical journals in the early 1990s. I remember being very hyped about it- my mom took me to this big hospital and almost a dozen doctors undressed me and took pictures of my spine, ran tests, etc. I thought they were preparing for a surgery that would finally fix me and make me normal. But no. They just wanted to study my fucked up spine. They said no surgery was possible.

3 hours later 50009706 Anonymous
>>50009689 My left eye is on my foot and I get lots of girlfriends. You should learn to love yourself

3 hours later 50009714 Anonymous
>>50009689 Where are your left and right eyes located? Is your left eye below your mouth and your right eye on your forehead?

3 hours later 50009728 Anonymous
>>50009684 The normie has us beat on all sides, you're evolutionary fodder and it's not because of your genes. How do you argue so well?

3 hours later 50009762 Anonymous
>>50009617 >talk to girl >ask her out >she looks visibly disgusted or scared >she makes bs excuses >guess i'll back off.... >"NOOOOOO SHES JUST CHALLENGING YOU ANON, JUS B UR SELF" >ask her out again >she's in distress >people croud around >get escorted away by random men >she plays the victim card >go to jail Oh geez guess that happened

3 hours later 50009771 Anonymous
>>50009714 easiest way to visualize how my face looks is to look at one of those Picasso paintings. Guernica for example.

3 hours later 50009798 Anonymous
>>50009762 >has never been outside the basement but has a retarded imagination Amusing

3 hours later 50009812 Anonymous
>>50009798 >has to pretend they're relevant here because they can't compete socially with the autists

3 hours later 50009820 Anonymous
>>50009762 Human temporize worse case scenarios-- It's a prudent strategy. But you're inventing this outcome out of fear and convienience. it's not even a possible outcome, it just makes you look cowardly and unreasonable. Use your reason. Do you honestly believe you'll go to jail for talking to someone? It understandable if you have some sort of schizo-typical behaviours, but don't bullshit us. It won't work.

3 hours later 50009875 Anonymous
>>50009771 Your numbers simply not add up. 68% or 10cm. So unless you are going to post proofs, such as your actual face on /soc/, I will call bullshit.

3 hours later 50009926 Anonymous
>>50009682 many women would rather fuck a fat guy than fuck a virgin so you're evenly shallow i guess?

3 hours later 50009935 Anonymous
>>50009798 >>50009820 >thats quiter talk anon, jail is just a state of mind

3 hours later 50009974 Anonymous
>>50009935 >thats quiter talk anon, jail is just a state of mind Oh, so you're batshit crazy... Sorry man, I would've went easier on you had I known.

4 hours later 50010332 Anonymous
>>50009974 Ok seriously, you dont understand. Being and average make gives you a dating disadvantage. Being a robot drops your chances below zero and increases the chances of gaining unwanted attention. Whether it be jail or ridiculed of social media its still possible and likely because unattractive = creep. And a creep talking to any female doesn't have a right to exist according to society. Be realistic

4 hours later 50010354 Anonymous
>>50010332 *being an average male gives you a disadvantage*

4 hours later 50010671 Anonymous
>>50009684 Ugly people exist because of genetics. Two attractive people can have ugly kids who go on to become incel losers while the same two attractive people can go on to have another kid who becomes a model Chad and fucks hundreds of women and has kids with 30 different women. Nature makes it so that some succeed with good genes while others fail and die off as virgins. Just how it is.

4 hours later 50010675 Anonymous
>>50010332 You're following a doctrine. You're not going to jail for talking to a woman, ever. So stop. And delete your social media-- that's what I did. It was making me unhappy, so I cut it out of my life. So. Anon. You think I'm being unrealistic, but I'm not following a narrative or doctrine. I'm following a 20 year cycle of failures, successes, and observing things-- all in real time. I know the word 'creep' really hurts man, and I'm sorry for that. I've had that word thrown at me alot when I was younger. It sure doesn't feel too hot. But you're not going to jail for it, at worst, you will simply get a look of disgust and some temporary humiliation (I've had that too) >And a creep talking to any female doesn't have a right to exist according to society. I seem to recall something called the charter of rights and freedoms that would contradict you on that. Society is not denying your right to exist-- that's your own tormented interior projected outwards. Being a robot drops your chances to roughly 10%, in my opinion. But how can either one of us quantify or qualify our distinct opinions? we can't. There's too many permutations and variables involved. I understand, alot better than you'd care to admit.

5 hours later 50011847 Anonymous
>>50007124 Reminder that women at large aren't fit for nurturing anyone but themselves and their own child(and some aren't fit for those tasks) but they expect men to provide for their needs and their children's. I don't mean that women are like this by choice or recent developments or even nurture, this is how they are hardwired.

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