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2018-12-23 06:24 50006527 Anonymous (21355.png 506x587 667kB)
Ex with her new guy

0 min later 50006544 Anonymous
Looks like she fucks black guys.

0 min later 50006551 Anonymous (diosmio.jpg 1400x1400 271kB)
they are gonna have really gross nappy headed kids jesus christ his traps are too big thay make his shoulders look narrow that dude looks like a grinch

1 min later 50006553 Anonymous (1514274233488.gif 396x385 40kB)
>>50006527 this is a lie a lie !

2 min later 50006565 Anonymous (splice.gif 500x270 1848kB)
>>50006527 dude looks like the qt from splice

2 min later 50006567 Anonymous (incelometer.gif 205x185 48kB)
They both look happy good for them! I mean.... FUCK THAT BITCH SHE'S DATING A NEGRO, AND NO WTF I'M NOT RACIST STOP SAYING THAT!

2 min later 50006578 Anonymous (B5FC9B25-3465-45B3-ACC3-14B5044C0586.jpg 499x495 80kB)
Have fun having a loose pussy for the rest of your life

3 min later 50006594 Anonymous
>>50006527 What an ugly nigger. I hope she gets what she deserves.

4 min later 50006603 Anonymous
>>50006567 how do you know they are dating. it could just be a picture from a party.

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