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2018-12-23 06:21 50006474 Anonymous (1523572723288.gif 500x281 1739kB)
how do all the normies sense that other normies are normies like they have some type of metaphysical powers that can sense it. how are they able to pick out the people that arent normal and able to give them 1000 reasons why they are bad non normal people. but the normies themselves can never be defined as anything bad because they are normal. how do they do it. are they just born this way. how do the normies maintain their status of being normal. and no one is allowed to criticize them but they are allowed to call everyone they pick out to be non normal bad people. so is being a normal like being in a cult.

0 min later 50006482 Anonymous
it's just how you look, nothing more

4 min later 50006555 Anonymous
>>50006474 I experienced this first hand, he fed my info to kiwi farms and other websites with lolcow culture. It's creepy, one of them has a gf in real life and was overall normal. I was the only one they disrespected

6 min later 50006585 Anonymous
>>50006555 >kiwi farms >lolcow culture what did these people do to you ? they just tell you how bad you are ?

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