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2018-12-23 06:20 50006471 Anonymous This is how it goes: (cursed.jpg 500x500 40kB)
>be me >write a fake greentext >some redditfag screencaps it >he posts it on /r/greentext >he gets over 9k upvotes >from my work >fuck

3 min later 50006512 Anonymous
>>50006471 If it makes you feel any better, I still want to fuck Sandra Bullock in the ass. She's still mighty fine looking.

4 min later 50006552 Anonymous
>>50006512 That made me feel better. thanks. have a nice christmas

11 min later 50006647 Anonymous (MuhBenis.jpg 680x1193 97kB)
>>50006552 You have a happy Christmas, too. I'm gonna go masturbate to a slideshow of Sandra Bullock.

40 min later 50007056 Anonymous
>>50006471 But why do you care about reddit's upvotes? It's just a bunch of fags looking for validation and getting it by any means necessary, even stealing shit. I thought we didn't care about validation here, that's why there's no upvote system

58 min later 50007347 Anonymous
>>50006471 Show us anon, we will celebrate your work in the correct place which is here

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