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2018-12-23 06:19 50006463 Anonymous (1544762368394.jpg 3024x4032 1294kB)
I don't have the energy to live. What a rut I'm in..

1 min later 50006484 Anonymous
You getting proper sunlight mon frere?

3 min later 50006504 Anonymous
>>50006463 There isn't any with all the clouds were getting.

4 min later 50006530 sage in all fields
Please kill yourself in unison with all the other animal posters, your threads and posts are always low quality unintrospective wads of shit.

8 min later 50006591 Anonymous
>>50006530 It's certainly better than all the threads about women, their qualities, "do women like...", and whatnot.

14 min later 50006675 sage in all fields
>>50006591 It's the exact same lowbrow attention-seeking formula so no you're just as shit, only you can't even get replies

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