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2018-12-23 06:18 50006440 Anonymous Rate my room r9k (1545585337_tmp_IMG_20181223_181209.jpg 3120x4160 783kB)
Its my room. I think its a 6/10

4 min later 50006491 Anonymous
why is the pillow on the floor?

5 min later 50006503 Anonymous
>>50006440 pretty gay but its not too messy and i dont see any signs of autism yeah i agree. 6/10

5 min later 50006513 Anonymous (1522971134761.gif 128x128 155kB)
>>50006440 I'm feeling a strong 7 on your room, I really dig the color scheme and its simplicity.

44 min later 50007096 Anonymous (IMG_1311.jpg 3264x2448 1348kB)
Rate this, a little messy.

47 min later 50007132 Anonymous
>>50006440 5/10 completely average. >>50007096 2/10 looks depressing and dark, something a poor hillbilly would live.

51 min later 50007180 Anonymous
>>50007096 Maybe a 4/10 Try using a brighter blanket

51 min later 50007183 Anonymous
>>50007096 really good a bit small though

52 min later 50007202 Anonymous
>>50007096 7/10 looks warm+comfy and not gay colours like the other one. the green brown and carpet colour go well together. cons: looks cramped and small space. looks like a instrument playing hipster that i wouldnt like resides there.

54 min later 50007231 Anonymous
>>50006440 Strong 4/10 or weak 5/10. It's a little messy and it's just too bland. Also the color scheme of the bed, blinds and rug don't go well together. >>50007096 3/10 Looks small, depressing and dark. Do you not have windows?

56 min later 50007261 Anonymous (My abode.jpg 480x360 20kB)
>>50006440 I would rate 7/10 with windows open.

57 min later 50007291 Anonymous (unnamed.jpg 4032x3024 1296kB)
Here. My sub-human dwelling space

58 min later 50007307 Anonymous
>>50007261 6/10 very minimalistic. nothing really going on. looks like you moved in a few days ago or something

1 hours later 50007328 Anonymous
>>50007261 6/10 Clean and relatively comfy looking. Too bland though. >>50007291 4/10 Somewhat comfy looking, but it looks a bit disheveled and disorganized. Fix the computer wire mess, the bed sheet being used as a curtain and the general clutter around and it would probably be over a 5/10.

1 hours later 50007352 Anonymous
>>50007328 Thanks for the advice, will update soon

1 hours later 50007354 Anonymous
>>50007291 2+ for entertainment setup -2 for back and neck problems from being entertained in ur bed i dont have a score but overall its a okay. would reside in.

1 hours later 50007374 Anonymous
>>50006440 Why do you have a toaster next to your monitor? And how do you use the pc? Do you fucking lay on the ground or something?

1 hours later 50007375 Anonymous
I rate slightly above average or maybe above average (-:

1 hours later 50007379 Anonymous (THERE'S MORE.jpg 4032x3024 2011kB)
>>50007307 >>50007328 But wait! I have a dresser

1 hours later 50007403 Anonymous
>>50007379 -2 for gay cosplay shit +2 for weird technology hobbyist shit

1 hours later 50007524 Anonymous (my comfy room.jpg 1548x740 240kB)
I like keeping mine very clean. >>50006440 Retarded >>50007096 Ugly/drunk >>50007261 I'll always have a soft spot for those kind of ceilings. Cute overall. >>50007291 Parasitic

1 hours later 50007555 Anonymous
>>50007524 minimalistic and rich

1 hours later 50007560 Anonymous (Desk.jpg 4032x3024 1815kB)
>>50007403 bro I just like 3d printing and WH40K

1 hours later 50007563 Anonymous
>>50007524 i dont believe your room usually looks like that. void of any soul looks like its for sale

1 hours later 50007611 Anonymous (1544598068493.jpg 1024x578 65kB)
>>50007524 Very organized, I like 8/10 >>50007291 Not as subhuman as I expected 4/10 >>50007096 No natural light with dark wood panels, but comfy like a cabin 5/10 >>50006440 Open with bright colors, small, but cozy, just needs some tidying 7/10

1 hours later 50007641 Anonymous
>>50007524 Thanks man. Now post something that actually belongs to you.

1 hours later 50007683 Anonymous (PANO_20181115_1417552.jpg 5213x1028 1968kB)
>>50007524 Really simple and clean. Looks pretty comfy. 8/10 >>50007291 Not bad, but could definitely use some real blinds for the window and a little cleaning up. 5/10

1 hours later 50007732 Anonymous
>>50007683 Nice sticker collection on you fridge. Are those from /o/?

1 hours later 50007780 Anonymous (heres your proof.jpg 1948x752 367kB)
>>50007555 :) >>50007563 It does. Once breakfast is done in this house, the bed will be made. >>50007611 Thank you! >>50007641 >Now post something that actually belongs to you. Jealous much? See proof attached. The rest of my place is nice too. >>50007683 I love yours!

1 hours later 50007816 Anonymous
>>50006440 Do you guys all live at home?

1 hours later 50007853 Anonymous
>>50007816 No, I live at work

1 hours later 50007857 Anonymous
>>50007780 >has a nice house >has a gf out with you

1 hours later 50007988 Anonymous
>>50007857 Why flex on robots right?

1 hours later 50008001 Anonymous
>>50006440 8/10, like the color scheme, the bed seems cozy, and the little tree is a nice touch.

1 hours later 50008044 Anonymous
>>50007857 >>50007988 To be fair, I didn't mention it till I was accused of showcasing things that didn't belong to me. I stayed in my lane.

1 hours later 50008051 Anonymous
>>50007816 I live in a two bedroom apartment with a Chad I met on the internet.

1 hours later 50008083 Anonymous
>>50007780 yeah if i had a porker for a gf i'd only photograph her from the back too :^)

1 hours later 50008097 Anonymous
>>50007732 One's from Imouto who posts in /osg/, the others are from other sticker shops I follow on IG or they came free with parts/clothes that I ordered from different companies. You should see my hoard of stickers that are sitting in folders.

1 hours later 50008103 Anonymous
>>50008044 Fair. My bad. Do you see how you live though?

1 hours later 50008117 Anonymous (pobrany plik (1).jpg 800x487 41kB)

1 hours later 50008159 Anonymous
>>50008083 Eh? She's fit. I've posted her here before and even this most anti-female board dressed her with compliments on her appearance. She takes care of herself as well as she does this sanctuary, friendo. :) >>50008103 Thank you (and yes, honestly).

1 hours later 50008184 Anonymous
>>50007780 What do you do? Don't say make money...

2 hours later 50008235 Anonymous
>>50008184 Last post here for now, but I'm a cost accountant. Very glad I get to take care of someone who's given me all the love ever since I was broke and jobless in my early 20s.

2 hours later 50008250 Anonymous
>>50008117 Mate you are probably 8, why are you in here?

2 hours later 50008307 Anonymous
What the fuck why is everyone's rooms so neat?

2 hours later 50008379 Anonymous
>>50008307 Are you serious? What's yours look like?

2 hours later 50008484 Anonymous (20181223_112054.jpg 2016x1512 513kB)
>>50008379 here, go ahead and laugh at my shitty apartment

2 hours later 50008532 Anonymous
>>50008484 I See potential. The walls are nice, clean and habe a good color. Remove the trash and you have a nice comfy room

2 hours later 50008644 Anonymous
>>50006440 cute plant OP :3

2 hours later 50008646 Anonymous
>>50007780 GTFO of here you normalshit

2 hours later 50008726 Anonymous
>>50008484 Clean it and live like God

2 hours later 50008929 Anonymous (D7D8B1CA-995E-436E-B599-C277ECEC4DD0.jpg 3050x1532 1276kB)
>>50007683 I cleaned it

3 hours later 50009314 Anonymous
>>50008051 How do you like living with a stranger? I might move in with a friend, I could never do it with someone I don't know personally

3 hours later 50009370 Anonymous
>>50007816 I share my apartment with friends I met at college.

3 hours later 50009510 Anonymous
>>50008644 Thanks! Its the only one who gives me love

4 hours later 50010266 Anonymous
>>50009314 I don't mind it. He's not as clean as I am but he's not a straight up animal either. And since he's normal, I sometimes get invited to parties. Probably the best perk was hanging out at the bar with his hot high school friend. Girl was like 25 with no wall in sight.

5 hours later 50011364 Anonymous
>>50007379 where are you from? i love that technology but it's very hard to find in my country ):

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