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2018-12-23 06:15 50006408 Anonymous (toip-image-01-866x487.jpg 866x487 40kB)
>the movie is called men in black >she's a woman What won't they kidnap and ruin in name of equality?

2 min later 50006438 Anonymous
>>50006408 Welp, I gots a better one for ya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upP -QNtrlqU His sacrifice preserved the Finland (yes, this was really made)

3 min later 50006451 Anonymous
she is horrendous in everything i have seen her in. cheap knock off of zoe saldana

7 min later 50006490 Anonymous
There has never been a female MIB sighted in the real world.

8 min later 50006507 Anonymous
>>50006408 Why do they keep casting this impossibly beautiful guy alongside ugly women? As if roasties need any more reasons to overvalue themselves.

9 min later 50006531 Anonymous
>>50006507 Because men are sexual objects

12 min later 50006583 Anonymous
>>50006507 because only women / gays are dumb enough to still pay to watch this. i don't know why everyone seems to think people in hollywood are stupid just because the product is shit. shit products make money.

14 min later 50006620 Anonymous
>>50006507 Movies are for normies now, ne'er will a relatable thing happen again for robot types.

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