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2018-12-23 06:13 50006380 Anonymous (z3a0S--4LnRurzJAHi0hLbdeVHLmr79PtQ22zVb21Z3AMGcGt3KwwY69TZAzNcBD.png 587x338 285kB)
What's your favourite colour? Orange. But black and white are really comfy

0 min later 50006394 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 34kB)
My favorite color is definitely emerald green

2 min later 50006416 Anonymous
>>50006394 emerald green is a good colour anon.

6 min later 50006455 Anonymous
>>50006380 pinky orange/orangey pink

7 min later 50006470 Anonymous
>>50006380 A girl in high school told me orange is ugly so I've hated it ever since

11 min later 50006529 Anonymous (hnnnng.png 625x351 386kB)
>>50006380 tfw there will never be a season 2

14 min later 50006592 Anonymous
>>50006380 ORANGE BAD >>50000000

18 min later 50006653 Anonymous
>>50006380 My favorite color is orange as well. Black and purple are secondary choices though.

31 min later 50006832 Anonymous (tafasbr_bio___hideyoshi_kinoshita_by_tufftony-d6kykhf.png 300x433 135kB)
Black until they'll make something darker

37 min later 50006917 Anonymous (RemDance.gif 247x498 1199kB)
>>50006380 Pastel pink, probably. Or white.

1 hours later 50007767 Anonymous
pink is the best color shut up

1 hours later 50007808 Anonymous
>>50006380 Blue>white>grey>black>orange>brown> purple

1 hours later 50007836 Anonymous
>>50006380 Used to be orange but now it's green.

1 hours later 50007840 Anonymous
>>50007808 >blue first >purple last I know for a fact that you are a normalshit

1 hours later 50007964 Anonymous
>>50006380 I don't have a single favorite color, I have several and I always hate this question because it makes me feel like I'm the weird one. Fuck you.

1 hours later 50007978 Anonymous
>>50007840 It's not last as in "my least favourite colour". All those are top tier, I just didn't mention colours I don't care about.

1 hours later 50008003 Anonymous
Pink, purple, blue, green, black

2 hours later 50009063 Anonymous
I like blue, deep blue

3 hours later 50009264 Anonymous (3434366666.jpg 737x695 87kB)
>>50006380 Remember that thread you made about wanting to stab yourself to death? Talk about edgy!!! (another knife pun, get it!!?!?!?!??). Now that was a fun thread!

3 hours later 50009394 Anonymous
>>50009264 Stop bullying him dude. Not cool.

3 hours later 50009715 Anonymous (green.jpg 900x598 118kB)
>>50006380 1. Green because it represents the other side of human kinds dual nature. Wherever we are, green gets plowed over and wherever we leave it climbs up the walls and takes over. 2. Purple because it is the color of royalty and a more serene desire than that of pink or intensity of red. 3. And with that, red, because it has a history of good as well as bad. It comes as strong emotion and fades into the brownish tint of dirt that holds us up.

3 hours later 50009759 Anonymous (777454.png 998x1140 248kB)
>>50009394 Bullying isn't cool! You are right! That being said, I will make an exception for Anon here. Imagine you are so dumb, you actually entertain the thought of stabbing yourself to death. Yeah, I know you said it for attention (with zoomers these days any attention is considered good attention....even negative attention!). Do you know how hard it would be to stab yourself to death, how painful it would be? Ever wonder why no one kills themselves by stabbing, unless they were a samurai from Japan?

3 hours later 50009931 Anonymous (15271107111032.png 394x688 301kB)
Green. Kashii Yui's uniform is so perfect with her eyes and hair.

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