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2018-12-23 06:13 50006378 Anonymous Macaulay Cuntfuck (DIA.jpg 992x558 60kB)
He's like a fucking turd that won't flush. Yeah, you were in some stupid fucking Christmas movie when you were Michael Jacksons little buttboy and did nothing worth a fuck since; go away already.

0 min later 50006386 Anonymous
>>50006378 He's still alive? Huh, I did not know that.

1 min later 50006399 Anonymous
>>50006378 God damn, his marketing team is working hardcore. Is this how he plans to get a new major role or something? >tfw in the future such marketing ploys will no longer be considered marketing ploys because they are too obvious to be made so they can be used once again

3 min later 50006427 Anonymous
>>50006378 At least he has good taste in fat fucks on the internet talking about movies. If i was in a popular Christmas movie decades ago, i would also use it to get on RLM desu baka senpai.

6 min later 50006458 Anonymous
>>50006378 Its because we live in the age of millennials who are obsessed with "MUH CHILDHOOD"....also explains the Disney remakes; millennials are absolutely fucking rabid for shit like that.

1 hours later 50007588 Anonymous (avgn with culkin.jpg 1920x1080 1454kB)
Would you say his career has turned into a SHITLOAD OF FUCK?

1 hours later 50007594 Anonymous
>>50006386 hes pizza boy now

1 hours later 50007713 Anonymous
I dunno I've always kind of liked him. Showing up on one popular youtube series was cool- but two was pushing it, too much of a publicity scheme.

1 hours later 50007756 Anonymous
>>50006378 I like that he makes fun of his own legacy. His brother Kieran was in like two movies but he fucking stole the show in both of them.

1 hours later 50007761 Anonymous
he's way more valuable than you though nomatter how you slice it but you actually think you can judge him like this? People actually want to see him and that drives you crazy lmao

1 hours later 50007918 Anonymous
>>50006378 I hate that movie. Late eighties and early nineties kids movies make me want to shoot myself.

1 hours later 50007936 Anonymous
>>50007588 He's been doing exactly what he's wanted to do for the majority of his life. He's doing those shows because he likes them not because he's trying to revive his career.

1 hours later 50007943 Anonymous
>>50007918 Do it Very very original comment

1 hours later 50007946 Anonymous
>>50006378 he was so cute and turned into such an ugly looking meth head

1 hours later 50007961 Anonymous
>>50007946 that is what this society does to people

1 hours later 50007990 Anonymous
he was molested as a child, and now he is a pedophile himself.

1 hours later 50007997 Anonymous
>>50006378 he is based as fuck

1 hours later 50008018 Anonymous
>>50007943 fuck off ya ledditor cuck.

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