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2018-12-23 06:12 50006369 Anonymous (0D9428E2-DDF4-4C8B-A2D0-D5AA09D77906.jpg 2016x1512 1041kB)
How is r9k doing this fine morning?

6 min later 50006456 Anonymous (1539355903028.png 334x346 118kB)
>>50006369 Quite well my friend, thank you for asking! But I do know person who is not doing that great toda- excuse me, ANYday. This fine specimen's name starts with a J.

8 min later 50006472 Anonymous
>>50006456 wait my name starts with j and im not doing that great wtf

9 min later 50006489 Anonymous
I got a hangover I feel absolutely fucking trash. I'm so pathetic

11 min later 50006511 Anonymous (1538939243298.png 1000x1000 266kB)
>>50006472 Well well, are you doing voluntary work without receiving monetary compensation on a certain image-based bulletin board? If not then you're not the individual I was referring to. I hope things will look up for you again Anon!

11 min later 50006524 OP
>>50006456 Splendid! I almost shat my briches when you guessed the first letter of my name, well played old chap!

12 min later 50006547 Anonymous
>>50006456 Is that Lil Janny hotpockets? Oh boy, that kid never has a good day and always does it for free too!

14 min later 50006569 Anonymous (1541444690831.jpg 540x555 42kB)
>>50006456 i want to tear apart the anus of a jannie, ohhhhh NIGGER i can't control myself

15 min later 50006590 Anonymous (pepe see things.png 761x591 461kB)
I experienced a synchronicity and I'm fucking nervous mate

17 min later 50006623 OP (495E2482-76C2-420B-AA76-5C3D752A712B.jpg 2268x1571 665kB)
>>50006590 What a strange occurence indeed! Maybe you should check your divergence meter before its too late!

20 min later 50006658 Anonymous
>>50006623 >Maybe you should check your divergence meter before its too late! what, what are you talking about, I don't have fucking idea, it's like a deja vu but harder, explain me anon what the fuck is this

23 min later 50006697 OP
>>50006658 >like deja vu but harder Methinks you have an erection for a long lost love!

27 min later 50006754 Anonymous (aputired.jpg 720x554 34kB)
>>50006697 no, I'm not joking anon

28 min later 50006765 Anonymous
what the fuck happened to the cap op? also >monte white

33 min later 50006850 OP
>>50006765 Motecristo whites were the only thing I could find at 9AM on a Sunday lol

34 min later 50006875 OP
>>50006658 Just remember to build the microwave time machine in a timely manner and everything will be A-OK my good man! Beware of CERN!

44 min later 50007001 Anonymous (worain.gif 500x275 373kB)
>>50006875 stop playing with my mind mate I'm dumb, at least I know CERN

45 min later 50007024 Anonymous
>>50006369 what happened to the mouth part?

1 hours later 50007788 Anonymous (1535310761958.jpg 633x640 51kB)
>single >lonely >bored >live with my dad >boring but stable low skill job >car battery died

1 hours later 50008084 Anonymous
>>50006623 Anon, aren't you supposed to take the stickers off before you smoke it. Also taking pictures like this is cringe, you're pathetic, no better than guys who orchestrate their desk to perfectly display their knife, cigarette, booze, etc, you're trying too hard.

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