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2018-12-23 06:11 50006343 Anonymous (summertime workout.jpg 2000x2762 1103kB)
>brown tomboy with tanlines

1 min later 50006373 Anonymous (MarjuFu4.jpg 748x902 175kB)
>>50006343 >Finnish Goth with Cheekbones

1 min later 50006379 Anonymous
>>50006343 Well that's just fucking disgusting

2 min later 50006383 Anonymous
>>50006373 she looks like a cro-magnoid why does r9k obsess over women? real aspies are interested in things like science not just fornication

58 min later 50007188 Anonymous (1504072507498.jpg 680x680 20kB)
>>50006343 >somewhere a tomboy is being persuaded by degenerates to transition into an imitation of a man RIGHT NOW

1 hours later 50007221 Anonymous
>>50006343 Why is a fit girl eating those shitty greasy snap peas. I know I ended it with a period, because it's rhetorical.

1 hours later 50007227 Anonymous
>>50006373 stop posting monstrous fat whore abominations

1 hours later 50007248 Anonymous (1432990590551.jpg 1487x1985 1522kB)
>>50006343 The best >>50006373 The worst

1 hours later 50007271 Anonymous (Suomifu.jpg 1280x960 326kB)
>>50007227 Marju is not fat.

1 hours later 50007276 Anonymous
>>50007188 yes in usa only burgers are this retarded

1 hours later 50007338 Anonymous
>>50006373 Looks like a Breton from skyrim

1 hours later 50007346 Anonymous (1486776457923.jpg 1080x851 77kB)
>>50007338 Is that an Elvish race?

1 hours later 50007363 Anonymous
>>50007346 They're kind of half elven. Basically magically inclined humans.

1 hours later 50007369 Anonymous (1539395186866.jpg 858x1200 134kB)
>>50006343 Hot >>50006373 Gross Very original

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