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2018-12-23 06:09 50006325 Anonymous (1540355349658.png 463x293 208kB)
If a girl only fucked incels, in order to grant their sexual desires, would she be considered a whore?

0 min later 50006331 Anonymous
No, she'd be considered an angel.

1 min later 50006336 Anonymous
yes because virgins always become attached

2 min later 50006355 Anonymous
>>50006325 yes, she's just a whore who's also charitable.

2 min later 50006357 Anonymous
incels only want virgins

2 min later 50006363 Anonymous
>>50006325 Yes - she's used goods/has no dignity and the more intimate a woman is with more people, the less her intimacy means. Having the purpose of being a fuck-machine is whoredom, plain and simple.

5 min later 50006415 Anonymous
>>50006357 So do plenty of other people for the same reasons here >>50006363 - it's one of the few things incels don't get wrong in their logic.

6 min later 50006422 Anonymous
>>50006331 But other girls that fuck Chad are whores? Shows how fucking egoistic and pathetic people on r9k are

1 hours later 50007676 Anonymous (1544964683059.jpg 536x536 33kB)
>>50006325 It seems pretty fucking rude and snobby to be targetting virgin boys. I honestly wouldn't want anything to do with a girl like that, she has issues.

1 hours later 50007715 Anonymous
Yes, she would be. But she's not a shallow whore, in any case.

1 hours later 50007747 Anonymous
>>50006325 Girls like that tend to be mentally ill fetishists and not worth losing out on wizard powers for

1 hours later 50008043 Anonymous
>>50006357 Which is why incels are volcels in denial. They make any excuses to not have sex.

2 hours later 50008213 Anonymous
>>50006422 shes doing it to please good people who deserve to feel good instead of her own selfish lust tho

3 hours later 50009202 Anonymous
>>50006325 There was a girl who once browsed this board who did just that.

3 hours later 50009561 Anonymous
>>50009202 Really? Who was her?

3 hours later 50009685 Anonymous
Of course she would be a whore, that's the definition of it. However, she'd be considered an angel too. An angel whore. I think it's much less dirty to fuck incels but still she'd be nasty and mentally soiled.

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