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2018-12-23 06:08 50006311 Anonymous (IMG_1794.jpg 396x594 39kB)
HHEH HEH yeauh homies I'm actually not like the other niggers because you see I play VIDEO GAMES and actually, I browse 4chan and R eddit quite a bit. I LOVE MY SUPER HERO MOVIES WAKANDA 5EVER NIGGERS ahem You see? I'M A NERD. And I'm BLACK. I belong here just as much as you white kids, even more. Just wait til I get my super powers incels lmaooo atyeee

4 min later 50006374 Anonymous (1511853309027.jpg 1688x3080 602kB)
>>50006311 This is the kind of quality white "robots" bring to /r9k/ At least there's no BBC

8 min later 50006433 Anonymous
>>50006374 The screencap is irrelevant since they're all talking about Chad. You won't find asian women gawking at average white guys, it's all just a meme.

21 min later 50006619 Anonymous
>>50006433 this Like 20% of white men are bald by 25. If you haven't noticed women hate bald men.

22 min later 50006637 Anonymous
>>50006619 Baldness is literally a nigger stereotype

23 min later 50006640 Anonymous
Nerd culture is lame. Why would I escape the idea of having to "act black" just to have to be part of another clique? I'd rather just b myself. t. black person

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