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2018-12-23 06:07 50006291 Anonymous (1544909831802.jpg 980x653 41kB)
How much is your virginity worth?

1 min later 50006307 Anonymous (1249190.png 442x383 191kB)
Mine must've been worth at least a small amount because I didn't have sex with the first girl who wanted to have sex with me

1 min later 50006315 Anonymous
About three fity

5 min later 50006354 Anonymous
>>50006291 I demand nothing less than equal value, virginity for virginity.

31 min later 50006732 Anonymous
zero dollars money is no object

37 min later 50006833 Anonymous
>>50006291 since i'm male it has negative worth because i'd have to pay someone in order to lose it

40 min later 50006873 Anonymous
>>50006291 Nothing, because virginity doesn't exist, at least for men. Though for women it's also close to worthless, it's just a skin flap.

40 min later 50006876 Anonymous
>>50006291 why the fuck does this look like a barbie dolls crotch from the catalog. wtf

2 hours later 50008119 Anonymous
>>50006291 I dunno, five dollars? Six?

2 hours later 50008172 Anonymous (dogpool.jpg 343x600 38kB)
>>50006291 i dont have mine any more and i regret it i let some horny bitch have my pee pee and now i wake up every morning feeling disgusting fuck this shit, i just wanted to cuddle i hate being alive i want the courage to end it i hate myself fuck

2 hours later 50008198 Anonymous (1490757551038.png 1268x1446 904kB)
>>50006291 It's priceless and no one will ever steal it from me, begone demon

2 hours later 50008291 Anonymous
>>50006291 the low low price of one love.

2 hours later 50008662 Anonymous
>>50006291 $4.35, maybe less accounting for inflation

2 hours later 50008776 Anonymous
>>50006291 For someone to ask for it.

2 hours later 50008812 Anonymous (xKyL4I7.png 500x344 143kB)
>>50008172 I feel you anon. I threw mine away to the first taker and I regret it. Luckily I was able to take a step back and work on myself and actually was able to find a relationship that isn't about sex and physical pleasure. There's still hope my guy.

2 hours later 50008859 Anonymous
>>50006291 I gave it to the worst girl imaginable, so either not worth much, or I'm just an idiot who traded a diamond for a pebble.

2 hours later 50008875 Anonymous
>>50006291 I'm a man, so probably nothing

2 hours later 50009023 Anonymous
>>50008875 That's not true anon. Media and small but loud sects of society would like for you to think that but when you meet someone you actually really like who also waited they will truly appreciate it and it will be better than with any experienced whore you will find in a club or bar.

3 hours later 50009360 Anonymous (FB_IMG_1540356559533.jpg 720x451 23kB)
>>50009023 >you meet someone you actually really like uhhuuuuuum.... >who also waited yeah that's not going to happen

3 hours later 50009431 Anonymous
>>50006315 *tree fidy

3 hours later 50009480 Anonymous
an eternity in heaven

3 hours later 50009575 Anonymous (1530980162117.png 674x666 245kB)
>>50009360 You would be surprised at what you will find if you got involved in the right things anon. Don't go to clubs and bars to find women. Clean yourself up. Take care of your appearance. Get involved with your local church. Volunteer. There you will meet girls who have understood that there are much more important things in the world.

3 hours later 50009594 Anonymous
>>50009575 >your local church All women are the same

3 hours later 50009654 Anonymous
>>50009594 Your loss. Keep bitching about the all women being rave whores and you'll never get anywhere.

3 hours later 50009696 Anonymous
>>50009575 >local church no thanks, only old people and bathsit crazy single mothers go to church here

3 hours later 50009773 Anonymous
>>50009654 I'd rather have a fembot, but I don't know where to find them.

3 hours later 50009813 Anonymous
>>50009773 it's a meme, don't fall for it they are not any better than any other female t.someone who dated a "fembot"

3 hours later 50009961 Anonymous
>>50006833 Ouuuu I'll take it off your hands for free

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