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2018-12-23 06:05 50006270 Anonymous (1539849174681.png 1018x590 925kB)
>mom found my [redacted] stash while cleaning and didn't say anything >she's been acting more affectionate around me and keeps making weird condescending comments about things i'm doing, she called me "stinker" once >yesterday she felt up my hips as i was coming downstairs to "check if there was anything under there"

1 min later 50006295 Anonymous
>>50006270 She's fucking drunk as fuck since she found your stash, wondering where she went wrong as a mother and she is going to kill herself Christmas morning because you are such a fucking failure.

8 min later 50006387 Anonymous (1533487405333.jpg 960x720 107kB)
>>50006295 >yfw she's looking back at how she raised you and decides to start over from the beginning

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