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2018-12-23 06:03 50006254 Anonymous (apu-apustaja-tongue.png 657x527 27kB)
>sift through attic for quick nostalgia trip >find old bb gun >remember waltzing the neighborhood and hunting squirrels and stray cats with this >hisheartgrewthreesizesthatday.jpg >go to backyard and set up some cans and bottles and other small misc. shit >popped them off one at a time >about an hour worth of play time >like the good ol' days, etc >still have a handful of bbs left >feeling them up; enjoying their smooth texture >notice they're about the size of my urethrea >lightbulb dings over head >jack dick enough to get it nice and hard >drop one after another down there >giggle like 4y/o >okay, that's enough fun >... >they won't come out Am I going to die?

38 min later 50006783 Anonymous
>>50006254 just wait until you have to pee and itll slide out

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