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2018-12-23 06:01 50006225 Anonymous (Growoperation-atd-100814.jpg 620x465 91kB)
Turning the world into a dense forest is great and comfortable why aren't you planting trees?

1 min later 50006246 Anonymous
>>50006225 because i dont want to go to jail. and fuck normies

3 min later 50006267 Anonymous
>>50006246 >fuck normies I haven't seen someone say this on r9k in a long time looks like an actual robot is returning. Nnormalfags have no appreciation for anything long term. They just dont care Ever since pewdiepie released his "greentext memes" video this place has eben infested with neurotypicals

5 min later 50006289 Anonymous
>>50006246 How does planting warrant jail time, dumb ass? >why aren't you planting trees? Because I don't give a fuck.

14 min later 50006419 Anonymous
>>50006289 Oooh watch out we've got a badass over here by trees I mean't evergreens not cabbanis

21 min later 50006498 Anonymous
i actually want to try this but don't know where or how

22 min later 50006515 Anonymous
Haha fucking dude Like weed man Weed

23 min later 50006525 Anonymous
>>50006498 Assuming you are on planet earth and there is plenty of area with soil you can plant trees Just go to any place where there arent any. Get seeds from amazon stratify them dig a hole and place the seeds in the hole. make sure to pre water them and let the moisture soak

26 min later 50006586 Anonymous
>>50006246 How the fuck are you going to go to jail for planting a tree?

56 min later 50007016 Anonymous
>>50006225 because cunts like you knock them down

58 min later 50007041 Anonymous
>>50006498 Go to british columbia, friend. That would be a good summer job for you.

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