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2018-12-23 05:51 50006065 Anonymous (ACCF0596-278D-461D-8BB3-24C8CA00C302.jpg 850x963 140kB)
Do white people think of niggers when they poop?

0 min later 50006083 Anonymous
>>50006065 Sometimes. If it's a huge turd I think "Holy shit I'm giving anal birth to a nigger baby!"

0 min later 50006084 Anonymous
>>50006065 Why would I want to ruin some quality time?

1 min later 50006102 Anonymous
Do brown people think of white people when they cum?

6 min later 50006181 Anonymous
ya i think to myself "i'm gonna shit out a baby nigger" lmfao

25 min later 50006435 Anonymous
>>50006065 No some times i think my logs are going to be a danger to shipping in the north sea And other times i think wtf have i been eating

29 min later 50006467 Anonymous
>>50006065 I think of your mother birthing you

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