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2018-12-23 05:48 50006022 Anonymous Pretty much all guys have big arms now (1530798315120.jpg 1002x1514 244kB)
Even regular joes in the street who don't appear to lift all have thick big arms. I even see skinny Indians walking around who are looking a little thick in the arm region, men who look untrained still have some bulk to their arms. Take this guy on the pic. Doesn't lift and has no gym background yet has the arms of a bodybuilder. Is everyone just wearing smaller tighter shirts now or what? I have almost 16 inch arms at 6'2 and they feel small compared to most untrained men in the street

3 min later 50006074 Anonymous
>>50006022 They dont. You're just looking at guys with thicc arms now because you want thiccer arms. It's genetic to a large degree.

11 min later 50006211 Anonymous
>>50006022 Its because many genetics fatsos has finally realized they are actually mega chad neanderthals if they lose the fat. I have 11 inch arms and have trained .... its 100% genetics

29 min later 50006446 Anonymous
>>50006074 >>50006211 muh genetics no lad, every male lifts in order to attract women its just what you have to do, This isnt for combat purposes it is simply for aquiring a romantic partner

1 hours later 50006956 Anonymous
>>50006446 I could lift for 50 years straight and not have the same size as some non-lifting natural big genetics guys

1 hours later 50007149 Anonymous (1508392351558.png 800x600 62kB)
>>50006211 This. I have a muscular build but I let myself go around 19. I guarantee that if I lost 50 pounds, I'd be Chad as fuck.

1 hours later 50007173 Anonymous
>>50006022 i refuse to believe that guy does nothing at all. even if he doesn't lift weights, he has to work in manual labor or something. >>50006211 how tf is that even possible i've been doing basic calisthenics for like ~6 months and even i have 13 inch arms.

1 hours later 50007185 Anonymous
how do you know he doesn't do push ups or done physical labor in the past

1 hours later 50007373 Anonymous
>>50007173 its called genetics, but they dont matter apparently lmao

1 hours later 50007427 Anonymous
>>50006022 Nah the guy in your Pic clearly lift that little triceps popping is prof

1 hours later 50007466 Anonymous
>>50006022 > they dont even lift This is what robots actually believe... lmao

1 hours later 50007536 Anonymous
>>50006022 You can grow muscles without exercise. I literally grew muscle mass by eating parsley salads. Myogenesis can be achieved with nutrients found in a number of plants.

1 hours later 50007566 Anonymous
>>50006022 Everyone takes steroids now dude, where have you been living for the past 10 years?

1 hours later 50007590 Anonymous
>>50006022 Women have become so rabbid in rejecting men that every guy has a super muscular arm!

1 hours later 50007591 Anonymous
>>50006022 They're called steroids. You gain more muscle just sitting on your ass all day taking steroids than someone who lifts weights regularly but doesn't take steroids, but your choice if you want to fuck your balls up and not have kids.

1 hours later 50007662 Anonymous
>>50006022 Would this guy be considered attractive?

1 hours later 50007686 Anonymous
>>50007662 If the person judging is gay, yes. They love guys like this who are fat with unkempt facial hair.

1 hours later 50007718 Anonymous (pullups.webm 320x240 961kB)
Growing up I internally laughed at guys who would only do bicep curls so I made a conscious decision to never train arms because I didn't want to be that guy. Now I still have tiny arms but still just cannot bring myself to do arm exercises. Sometimes I like to surprise people by banging out pullups (a lot of people don't realise they require zero arm strength).

2 hours later 50007735 Anonymous (dabe.jpg 1023x576 55kB)
Did somebody say thicc arms?

2 hours later 50007736 Anonymous
due to pussy hyperinflation everyone is competing super hard for females so nobody really has a chance if they're not ahead of the pack

2 hours later 50007865 Anonymous
>>50006956 Yea if you dont eat.

2 hours later 50007876 Anonymous
>>50007735 "yeah i just drive my frontloader all day and gave up lifting in highschool. also i'm like 70" i'd hate but he's just so unreal it hurts

2 hours later 50007965 Anonymous
>>50007718 i mean sure pullups are easier with a strong back, but to say that they don't use arm strength at all just isn't true. It's the same with with most body weight exercises, they use a lot of muscle groups but you can get by lacking one if you have an excess of the other (like pushups with weak triceps but a strong chest).

2 hours later 50007995 Anonymous
>>50007876 Yeah, he should really just stick to armwrestling and cut the pseudo celebrity bullshit

2 hours later 50008285 Anonymous
>>50007865 Even if I ate and trained and pinned roids every week I would not have the same sized arms as that guy just chilling. literally 100% genetics, only thing that matters, stop doing roids and just workour normally youll hit max gains after only 2 consistent years about 20kg+

3 hours later 50009218 Anonymous
>>50006022 Is that a basedchad?

3 hours later 50009389 Anonymous (1468710256345.gif 349x255 1853kB)
>muh genetics >muh roids lazy incelscience: the thread i can already see the "but ive worked out for 6 months and havent seen any improvement at all" posts that completely overlook something deathly wrong with what they do. literally as bad as whales that think an extra large diet coke will excuse the 6 double cheeseburgers cause it has diet in its name.

3 hours later 50009419 Anonymous
>>50006446 It's an insecurity thing more than anything, same with beards. https://www.independent.co.uk/life- style/your-beard-might-mean-more-to -men-than-women-a6984006.html Social media and hookup apps have started an arms race (haha) where men in particular feel the need to assert their dominance through body building and whatever.

3 hours later 50009495 Anonymous
>>50006022 >has the arms of a bodybuilder. I see standards have come down significantly.

4 hours later 50010608 Anonymous
>>50008285 How Do you even know he does not lift though? You can look like that after a few months in the gym

4 hours later 50010694 Anonymous
>>50006022 > Doesn't lift yet has the arms of a bodybuilder. op, you're a stupid cuck who doesn't lift

4 hours later 50010695 Anonymous
>>50006211 Many genetic fatsos? Weight is 70 percent heritable.

5 hours later 50010956 Anonymous
>>50009389 everyone can gain muscle with lifting -- everyone. even women. to suggest genetics play no role is simply ridiculous. gaining muscle mass is easier for men because... of GENETIC DIFFERENCES, exclusively you can upload your DNA code here and it will tel you more about it: https://www.athletigen.com/ i am naturally low muscle mass (they call it slow-twitch muscle fibers) and i have used anabolics to get bigger, but prior to that i gained muscle very slowly compared to my friends, despite eating a lot of carbs and protein. back in high school my arms were ridiculously skinny, but my parents forced me to do long distance running and said i would 'look shorter' if i had 'lots of muscles' -- something i have never been able to achieve after lifting on and off for years. as of now, i'm 7 months in at 3-4x a week. i still look pretty dyel, but a person who saw me 6 months ago would be able to notice significant progress. i think what is important too is gaining muscle as an adolescent

5 hours later 50011083 Anonymous
>>50009389 70 percent of the variance between individuals in weight is due to genetics according to the most current research. Read a journal or book before spewing your nonsense.

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