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2018-12-23 05:47 50006007 Anonymous (Bang.png 227x218 64kB)
>Left girlfriend cuz I thought I wanted to be alone >Realized being alone fucking sucks >ex girlfriend getting married now and has found someone who isn't a neet loser >feel sad almost everyday >Can't stop thinking about her wat do

2 min later 50006038 Anonymous
>>50006007 get another gf and be reminded why you wanted to be alone? i know how you feel, girl friends suck. rare feel on this board.

3 min later 50006051 Anonymous
>>50006007 hahahaha same though, why am I so fucking retarded?

3 min later 50006060 Anonymous
>>50006007 i know this feel. i did the same thing. but in reality your gf probably actually did suck, and the only way to rectify this is to find a new gf that doesn't suck.

4 min later 50006070 Anonymous
>>50006007 you forgot to write >pic related

4 min later 50006076 Anonymous
>>50006007 the one thing robots have going for them is they will never know the pain of being completely and utterly alone after having everything they could habe ever wanted in a relationship. I feel you op. as for what to do, maybe pic related if you can.

20 min later 50006308 Anonymous
>>50006007 Focus on why you wanted to be alone, chances are she sucked. I am in a similar situation. Sat down with a friend and ranted about my ex for a good couple hours and finally realized that I am better off by myself for now. If you managed to get one gf you will get another. Focus on you for now, get your life in order try to broaden your horizon and the whole gf thing will just kinda happen. Relationships become more and more probable the less needy you try to get into one.

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