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2018-12-23 05:45 50005985 You, but 64% stronger. (IMG_20181220_221336.jpg 900x1200 157kB)
What should I buy myself for Christmas?? :3

2 min later 50006017 Anonymous
Post one of those Amazon wishlist things. I'll get you something. $20 usd limit though OP.

3 min later 50006035 Anonymous (hnnnng.jpg 482x640 50kB)
>>50005985 >Fleshlight >1st Edition of Tuntematon sotilas in Finnish >1888 1st Edition English translation of Kalevala by John Martin Crawford >Kenwood TS-590SG and a G5RV for it >A used pair of Kiira Korpi's panties

3 min later 50006036 Anonymous
>>50005985 this guy's got a really cute hand

4 min later 50006057 Anonymous
>>50005985 Get yourself a nice big knot desu

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