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2018-12-23 05:45 50005984 Anonymous Plague Doctor 0.1 (me.jpg 191x263 6kB)
>Be me >year 1588 >Prestiged roman doctor with kickass mask >Go visit my boy leonardo for afternoon of alcoholic beverages >tells me about his new invention >sit on it, touch everything >teleport to year 2018 >wut.tapestry >lots of peasants around me >take opportunity to learn about future diseases >point my badass doctor stick at a sick male >"COME TO ME BROWN PEASANT, EXPLAIN WHAT SICKNESS TAINTED YOUR SKIN AS IF IT WAS MARGARETH ANAL ORIFICE AND I SHALL CURE YE". >Margareth is a whore down the street that i visit on nights of heavy drinking. >Peasant looks angry and screams in weird vernacular >notonmywatch.carpet >Decide to beat the illness out of him >finally only his left leg is twitching a bit >all peasants around seem to be interested in medecine >they all point strange device with bitten fruit on it in my direction >notice a witch with blue hair >fuckno.canvas >throw my bottle of sweet alcohol at her >set her on fire >"YOU'RE WELCOME PEASANTS, I CURED THE ILL AND GOT RID OF THE WITCH" >everyone run away screaming >ingratitude.cobblestone >decide to go back on leo's invention >back in his room >point doctor stick at him >"THE FUTURE IS FUCKED LEO, WITCHES ROAM THE STREETS AND YOU GET ATTACKED BY BROWN PEOPLE" >we decide to burn his new invention >go out for beverages >go see margareth >backtonormal.stainedglasswindow >Prestiged roman doctor.

3 min later 50006030 Anonymous (1545071030909s.jpg 248x250 7kB)
mfw fucked it up

1 hours later 50007000 Anonymous
>>50006030 It was an ok read though, well posted, anon. I'll give you 3/5, bonus for Margareth.

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