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2018-12-23 05:41 50005912 Anonymous On December 24 2007 I was raped by Santa Claus (drunk_santa1.jpg 383x287 77kB)
I thought long and hard before writing this post, but I have to speak out. Many of us think of St Nick as a jolly old man who gives presents to kids, a beacon of kindness in otherwise cruel world, he is after all the living embodiment of Christmas I can tell you from personal experience, this is not true. For the longest time i thought it what happened to me was a dream or a false memory, but as i started to speak openly about it other survivors came forward. *Trigger Warning* The next part is an extremely graphic, but true account of what happened to me that Christmas Eve, I make no apologies for telling the truth.

9 min later 50006054 Anonymous
>Christmas Eve 2007 >After my parents went to bed I crept downstairs and waited for Santa to come >I hid behind an armchair covered in a blanket >After i while i fell asleep, when i woke up Santa was standing right in front of me >in my naivety i ran straight up to him with my arms outstretched >Santa was startled but immediacy turned and embraced me >"ho ho ho what are you doing here?" he asked " little girls should be in their beds" >i explained to him that i wanted to meet him and thank him personally for my gifts >"is that so.." he said "...why dont you come and sit on my knee, these old legs are feeling pretty weary" >Santa sat down in the armchair and i dutifully sat on his knee >then he asked me the question that still haunts me to this day >"so little girl have you been naughty or nice?"

28 min later 50006326 Anonymous
>obviously i said i had been nice >Santa frowned >"hmmm.. the kind of girl who peeks on Santa seem to very naughty indeed" >"no no i'm nice" i exclaimed >he patted my head >"well there is one way we can check" he said "but maybe you can do something nice for santa first" >"this old face is frozen stiff from the cold nights air... "perhaps a kiss would warm my rosy cheeks" >i kissed him >"hmmm much better, but these old lips are chapped..." >before he finished, i kissed him on the lips >"oh much better! santa's really warming to you anon, would you like a special Christmas kiss?" >before i could answer Santa had stuck his tongue down my throat >"his mouth tasted like milk and cookies but i could smell the pipe ash in his beard" >"now back to the matter at hand are you naughty or nice" >santa removed his glove from his left hand and slipped it under my pajamas top >i could feel something pressing into me as groped my young body (at the time i thought it was a candy cane or something) >"oh you feel very nice...now listen very carefully young lady there is one more test to tell if a young girl is naughty or nice" >"do you want Santa to check, if not you might not get any presents at all" >confused but still bewitched i nodded slowly >"very well.." he whispered

38 min later 50006460 Anonymous
>>50005912 What the actual fucknugget

49 min later 50006629 Anonymous
>Santa teased down my pajama bottoms and slipped his hand beneath them >i shuddered >"oh my fingers are too cold, perhaps you could warm them" >i can still taste his grubby fingers inside my mouth >"there it's just like a lollipop" he said >Santa ran his moist finger down my chest to my navel >"now hold still" he said as he plunged his index finger inside of me lubricated by my own spit >this was the first time i had ever been penetrated by a man and i was absolutely terrified >Santa put his other gloved hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming >Santa probed around inside me while i squirmed against his crotch >after a while he pulled his fingers out and put them back in my mouth >"there does that taste naughty or nice to you?" he asked >i could taste the blood on my fingers >didn't know what was happening so i bit down as hard as i could on his hand >"fuck" he swore his voice hardening "that wasn't very nice was it?" >Santa grabbed the carrot i had left for the reindeer (i had chosen an especially big one) >"here you go you ungrateful little whore" he said, as he pushed the carrot to back of my throat >i gagged as he pulled it out, "ill teach you not to bite..."

58 min later 50006758 Anonymous
>>50006629 10/10 mr good santa

1 hours later 50006807 Anonymous
the rest is too painful to share, but i can still feel the carrot inside of me to this day I truly dont know what would of happened next if he hadn't knocked over a glass of milk and heard someone moving around upstairs. He left, but he told me if i ever told anyone about it he could come back next Christmas eve and kill my parents. I know i'm not the only one this has happened to, we've been sharing our stories under the hashtag #nohoho and while i was awake he done it to girls (and boys) who were sleeping. If this has happened to you i urge you to speak out and remember this mantra >You better not cry >You better not pout >I'm telling you why >You are not alone >You are braver than you've ever known

1 hours later 50006994 Anonymous
>>50006054 >>50006326 Hghhh,I came buckets. He should of fucked you all night long. His reindeer could've ran a train on you

2 hours later 50007986 Anonymous (42A9F213-4274-4FCA-8CD4-A2F5F9E21AAC.jpg 1280x1911 568kB)
Based Santaposter

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