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2018-12-23 05:40 50005904 Anonymous Toot Your Own Horn (A Horn.jpg 1050x750 123kB)
In this thread we will toot our own horn. I'll get you started: Maybe you struggle with depression, maybe your life isn't going where you thought it would, maybe you're stuck in a funk but don't make a bad situation worse with a self-defeating attitude. Think about what you want to accomplish, what you can accomplish and how. Start small and just start putting one foot in front of the other and worry about larger gains later. If succumb to a self-defeating attitude you'll give up before you even start, and by failing you'll prove yourself right only you never tried. So start by saying something positive about yourself. Notice a minor victory you had recently and post it was significant. That recognition of significance can fuel further gains. "You must believe in yourself and that should be based on fact." -Bobby Fischer

8 min later 50006026 Anonymous
I went to therapy for the first time a week ago. Next is in early Jan. I felt like I just spouted off for an hour, revealed too much too fast maybe. For once I see a direction, even if it is foggy and I'm disoriented. it's there somewhere.

33 min later 50006389 Anonymous
OP here, since I didn't toot my own horn in the original post I'll do so here: For probably 2 years I've been drinking energy drinks non-stop. Whenever I had money I would spend it on energy drinks and when I didn't have money I would borrow some. I was entirely at the mercy of my urges and things kept getting worse. However I decided enough was enough and stuck to 2 a day. I've been doing that for the past 2 weeks and had money left over for to get some movies. I've also started playing more guitar lately. Endlessly refreshing threads is an empty pleasure and but a pleasure nonetheless in the form of instant gratification. Guitar takes time and patience and I've started developing that. It takes a while to clean up tabs from the internet but I was able to do that and now I'll always have those songs. Now I sit, embrace the boredom and get better. Go me.

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