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2018-12-23 05:40 50005898 Anonymous (illust_71621718_20181125_225022.jpg 1240x1839 264kB)
>tfw you're a cute virgin boy

9 min later 50006037 Anonymous
>tfw you're a cute virgin boy Yep thats me

10 min later 50006058 Anonymous (1435815636438.jpg 500x329 27kB)
If only I was cute....

10 min later 50006063 Anonymous (hoodie jak.png 439x380 41kB)
>>50005898 Tfw 5/10 soft facially chinless virgin and not cute so no females are interested in me

11 min later 50006072 Anonymous
You won't be so cute at 25.

11 min later 50006078 Anonymous
>>50005898 same here wanna play around a bit? :3

21 min later 50006231 Anonymous
>>50006072 I'm 25 and still look underaged

31 min later 50006366 Anonymous
>>50006072 If you don't drink or smoke, you'd be shocked at how little you age.

34 min later 50006410 Anonymous
>>50006072 I'm 23 and still get asked if I want child tickets on public transport.

37 min later 50006443 Anonymous (''FullFace.png 1280x717 816kB)
>>50006078 Sure do you like Flippy hair?

1 hours later 50007175 Anonymous
>>50006410 >>50006072 what the other anon said. I am 22 but I look the same as when i was 16. turns out not having sex works wonders on maintaining your youth.

1 hours later 50007190 Anonymous
>>50006072 am 25, still cute and still look like 18 if I shave.

1 hours later 50007205 Anonymous
>>50007175 then why am I 23 and balding?

1 hours later 50007212 Anonymous
>>50005898 Show me your feminine penis

1 hours later 50007351 Anonymous (fellow kids.jpg 1200x800 163kB)
>>50006366 That would explain how I'm 27yo and people give me early 20s at most. This semester I got asked if I can already drink, despite being pretty tall. I love it. Young looking enough to have a shot with the sweet young girls, gonna take a 20yo out this week. The only dreaded moment is when her parents ask my age.

2 hours later 50008170 Anonymous
>>50007205 too high of testosterone or you have a bald gene.

2 hours later 50008188 Anonymous
>>50005898 If you're gay and a virgin you probably aren't cute.

2 hours later 50008211 Anonymous
>>50006231 >>50006366 >>50006410 >>50007175 >>50007190 >>50007351 Start lifting. Don't you want any respect as a man? Nobody cares about 14 year old looking bitch boys.

2 hours later 50008230 Anonymous (703620ba-f155-44a8-86e9-8b440e2a7b08.png 540x960 245kB)
>>50008188 Not gay BTW. But my classmate is gay for me. I guess I look cute for him to like me.

3 hours later 50009051 Anonymous (a684cb7b39ec4d9fc5a5598a1612cc96.jpg 431x604 25kB)
>>50005898 >Kakyoin D-don't make me cry Anon

3 hours later 50009171 Anonymous
>>50008211 lol, keep coping boomer piece of shit. youth is the only value in this world.

3 hours later 50009214 Anonymous
>>50009171 I'm 22. Men gain value as they get older. It's women who need youth to have value you fucking retard.

4 hours later 50009942 Anonymous (received_211534696418923.jpg 1080x796 56kB)
>TfW You'Re a Cute VIrGiN Boy Pic related

4 hours later 50009976 Anonymous (kak.png 808x988 201kB)
>>50005898 >kak based milf hunter poster

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