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2018-12-23 05:36 50005849 Anonymous (GG-Allin-The-Jabbers-fd.jpg 310x350 39kB)
Do you actually give a shit what others think of you? Why? You fucking dum dum. You waste all this time on sElF-iMrOvEmEnT, while I see myself as perfect and beautiful. I don't need reaffirment from a bunch of baiters online to know that. Why aren't you doing the same?

4 min later 50005914 Anonymous
kys opie

8 min later 50005983 Anonymous
>>50005849 you're the female equivalent of those fat bitches on tumblr who say shit like my body is beautiful and i don't need to work out you can not care what others think and still see things you can improve upon. you're just a delusional cunt

9 min later 50005993 Anonymous
>>50005914 Ahh, the head of the local MENSA chapter, I see.

11 min later 50006024 Anonymous (Epson-Home-Cinema-2040-1.jpg 1500x808 82kB)
>>50005983 I believe this image adequately describes your actions.

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