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2018-12-23 05:35 50005827 Anonymous (1543012272762.png 395x360 155kB)
can't even talk about shit that has happened irl because people i know browse here WHY CAN'T I HAVE ONE MEDIUM WHERE I CAN SPEAK HOW I FEEL

17 min later 50006101 Anonymous
>>50005827 just ghost them and boom no people you know irl browse here, therefore you can speak how you feel

21 min later 50006152 Anonymous
>>50006101 My friends are the only reason why I'm alive. Besides, I see the often at uni so it would be awkward to ghost them

21 min later 50006166 Anonymous
>>50005827 but they dont know whether a post they see here is from you theyve probably seen a post from somebody else talking about something 1000x worse they did or happened to them and theyre going to assume it was posted by you cus thats how normalniggers work idk what to tell ya other than not to worry about it no change in course of action from this point on will change what they think so just do whatever the fuck you want

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