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2018-12-23 05:32 50005798 Anonymous (20181223_103202.jpg 1080x1387 489kB)
Aww! I want one! :)

2 min later 50005822 Anonymous
If dubs she will die in 2019

2 min later 50005825 Anonymous
Michael Numoore

7 min later 50005900 Anonymous (image0-2.jpg 680x437 42kB)
>>50005822 Thank God I'll never have to hear about her again

19 min later 50006090 Anonymous
>>50005822 thats a good one, spare her from more pain

24 min later 50006161 Anonymous
>>50005822 OH noooooo how could this have happened :(

25 min later 50006185 Anonymous
This man is genuinely weird as fuck. Like, he goes beyond the normal 'patronising rich libtard' archetype into something creepy and unhinged.

43 min later 50006423 Anonymous
>>50005822 If Trips she'll die a long a painful death.

50 min later 50006495 Anonymous
>>50006185 There are people who gain some strange sexual pleasure from offending those they hate but yet seek attention of. He seems a good example of that.

1 hours later 50006724 Anonymous
>>50006495 yeah, that's it. I mean why the FUCK would you put a crusty old woman judge on top of your Christmas tree. It's just attention seeking and totally inappropriate. Like if a right-wing person put le Pen on their tree I'd say the same thing, it's just really really weird.

2 hours later 50007898 Anonymous
>>50006185 What you just described is his entire "brand" and since his business is media he needs to keep himself in the public eye as much as possible in order to stay relevant

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