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2018-12-23 05:30 50005772 Anonymous (5rE87Gq.png 633x758 34kB)
>try to join black equivalent of 4chan >the registration is closed off because they got raided How do I get back in touch with my culture robots? Ive started lifting wland reading malcolm x, and tried going to /pol/ but they just want me skinned alive in some shack in Africa.

1 min later 50005797 Anonymous
Imagine being such a vacuous and empty person you take pride in something as vague and nebulous as "black culture"

5 min later 50005835 Anonymous (mussolini-hitler laughing.png 500x367 220kB)
>>50005772 >black equivalent of 4chan lol i have to know what this is

8 min later 50005876 Anonymous
>>50005835 afrochan, if I remember correctly - it's dead

8 min later 50005880 Anonymous
>>50005797 You will never understand how it feels to be a nigger you fucking faggot.

8 min later 50005887 Anonymous
>>50005835 Going by the picture you just posted, I'm sure OP will be happy to share this information with you.

9 min later 50005894 Anonymous
Nigga why don't you just get a hobby that's not race related. Keep lifting the weights, but do what you enjoy. And don't worry about dumbfuck niggers shitting on you because you're not reading Malcolm X or shitposting on some probably drama ridden forum where everyone tries to out-Chad each other that they might as well be Tyrone.

10 min later 50005911 Anonymous
>>50005880 Funny that you called me a faggot considering you're an exact clone - someone who makes it their entire personality to fuck other men, just like you make it your entire personality to be black. Like a clone. You're a fucking clone. Be unique and have an intelligent thought for once in your life.

14 min later 50005964 Anonymous
>>50005911 >Muh uniqueness White normie you should leave.

16 min later 50006002 Anonymous
>>50005964 Yeah it's totally not normie to be a generic "muhh black culture" retard who doesn't even know what ethnicity he hails from. Yeah you're a robot alright by echoing the opinions of millions of blacks.

16 min later 50006010 Anonymous
>>50005835 >>50005876 I was referring to thecoli.

20 min later 50006080 Anonymous
>>50005772 move back to africa if you want to get in touch with your roots please, I'll help pay for the plane ticket

22 min later 50006100 Anonymous
>>50006010 Fellow breh here Sorry u locked out. Fuck the CIA >>50005797 Imagine having a history of genocide and racism and being surprised you can't openly celebrate white supremacy >>50005894 shut up, cac

22 min later 50006109 Anonymous
just stay here based blackanon, become /ourkang/

22 min later 50006110 Anonymous
>>50005772 Do you mean race or culture? Or "culture" that people tie to their race. Back when I went to school, the people who i shared a "culture" with thought I was going to be a school shooter(not in a gang way) and shunned me even though we shared the same race and culture. They didn't like my quit personality. If your personality doesn't mesh with that "culture" than you look like someone from a different race who is parodying it. And being shunned by one culture doesn't mean another will take you in and will shun you for bs reasons. A lot of times you're forced to stay anonymous in order to stay within that culture. Thats the true delema of being a blackbot. Society has no place for you.

24 min later 50006141 Anonymous
>>50006002 Fag I'm South African. Moved to States as kid. Always had freinds of all backgrounds. But racism was both subtle and obvious was there. Try being one of a few niggers in a white school in fucking Florida. You are not black, you would not understand.

25 min later 50006157 Anonymous
>>50006002 racism is incredibly normie. You're literally basing your entire life around group identity. Robots are individualists.

26 min later 50006179 Anonymous (black-on-white.jpg 2592x1944 1543kB)
I want a big, burly, blackbot bf

27 min later 50006187 Anonymous
>>50006100 >implying i think white nationalism is better How about take pride in your individual achievements instead of some retard amalgamation of thousands of different cultures and ethnicities which you have zero relation to? >>50006141 Oh boohoo the world didn't bend over and suck your dick because of your skin color. That surely makes you muhh oppressed stronk man who survived the toughest tribulations of mean words and people not wanting to be around you.

28 min later 50006204 Anonymous
>>50006157 >You're literally basing your entire life around group identity I agree, that's why "black culture" is retarded. Be yourself.

30 min later 50006219 Anonymous
I don't know and I don't care I didn't even finish reading your shitty little post before I felt the overwhelming need to come here and tell you to fuck off of here forever nigger

32 min later 50006250 Anonymous
>>50005876 >if i remember correctly so you're some black """nerd"""" zoomer faggot who read about it online somewhere and can't figure it out because you're too much of a retarded zoomer so you thought instead of cutting your losses you'd post about it here for attention instead

33 min later 50006256 Anonymous
You're missing the opportunity to transcend race and appreciate culture objectively like a true patrician. Nobody worth shit gives a single fuck about who you are beyond that which you can change.

35 min later 50006274 Anonymous
>>50006187 >White polnigger

38 min later 50006316 Anonymous
Just keep posting anonymous on normal forums and never reveal your face. >cam with us anon xD >cant, cat ate my webcam For dating, well you're posting on /r9k/ so thats pretty self explanatory.

47 min later 50006441 Anonymous
>>50006080 The american colonization society never worked

56 min later 50006570 Anonymous (2qbrtl3.jpg 800x450 26kB)
At least you have a place. >tfw half-nigger >tfw look middle eastern >tfw not white enough to relate to whites >tfw not black enough to hang with the niggers Being a mutt really is the worst.

1 hours later 50007337 Anonymous
>>50006570 You kidding? Kaepernick, Farrakhan, and Jesse Willaims are considered fucking saints to black Americans. Stop letting crackers tell you who you can amd can't relate to.

2 hours later 50007546 Anonymous
>>50005772 >reading malcolm x brainlet detected. malcolm x didn't even know what socialism was lol

2 hours later 50007679 Anonymous
>>50007546 Good, socialists are cancer.

2 hours later 50008064 Anonymous
>>50005772 Did you make that pic?

2 hours later 50008169 Anonymous
>>50005772 >not going back to africa faggot

2 hours later 50008189 Anonymous
>>50006157 >implying normies aren't individualist

3 hours later 50008678 Anonymous
>>50007337 This. Stop listening to those ppl they are bitter and want to take you down with them.

4 hours later 50009766 Anonymous
>>50006179 WTF nohomo but that's pretty hot,sauce

4 hours later 50009795 Anonymous
>>50005772 Watch Black Panther on repeat.

4 hours later 50009842 Anonymous
>>50005835 Nairaland or something like that is pretty much Nigerian 4chan.

4 hours later 50010304 Anonymous
>>50005772 post your discord and ill add you to a 4chan black server

4 hours later 50010361 Anonymous
>>50005772 Convert to Unitarian Universalism. That or ingratiate yourself in the local African immigrant community, preferably Nigerians of Igbo descent.

5 hours later 50010405 Anonymous (giphy.gif 480x270 1226kB)
>>50005772 join a hip hop forum. Boxden is ok. Watch some Martin and Fresh Prince and a Different World and Blackish, listen to some black albums from the 50s all the way up until now to get an understanding of how our culture sounds. Read about the history of West Africa and the histories of other ethnic groups that descend from West Africans (Afro Brazilians, Afro Cubans, etc). Go and get something to eat. Hopefully you live near some soul food spots. Watch some of our movies and our comedians. Our culture is really fun, so learning about it should be fairly easy. Literally the whole world loves our culture because it's so loose and fun.

5 hours later 50010419 Anonymous
>>50006100 Imagine if the greatest people in your race were people who begged whites to be nice to them

5 hours later 50010450 Anonymous (1538684996294.jpg 680x680 47kB)
>>50005772 maybe try https://www.nba.com

5 hours later 50010456 Anonymous
>>50006141 If going to a school with white people is bad, then there are always American ghettos you can go to school in where you won't have to see them. Or schools in your home country.. but you wouldn't do that because they're all garbage

5 hours later 50010479 Anonymous
>>50006141 What the fuck, what school did you go to? I've lived in Florida most my life and worked in the school system post grad, the schools have tons of niggadry(I'd honestly say almost as much as new York). I honestly doubt you had a hard time finding more blacks, They probably didn't like you

5 hours later 50010528 Anonymous (hbuh.gif 380x253 2055kB)
>>50006570 >Mariah Carey >Colin Kaepernick >Ella Mai >Drake >Jesse Williams >Prince >Michael Jackson >the DeBarge family African Americans are literally the most inclusive ethnic group on the planet. All you have to do to be one of us is have at least one parent who identifies as black and be part of our culture. Don't blame your lack of acceptance on your race. Your shit social skills are the issue.

5 hours later 50010530 Anonymous
>>50010456 >racebaiter is here Don't you have a Blacked thread to make, or are you more in the mood for Bleached?

5 hours later 50010933 Anonymous
>>50007546 what makes you say that? I could find no proof that he didn't know what it was. It seems like he actually was a socialist.

5 hours later 50010955 Anonymous
>>50010528 Fun fact, Mariah Carey's mom was a revered vocal coach who named her after the song 'They Call the Wind Maria'. It's a very impressive, patrician song about loneliness and was written by two Ashkenazi Jews for Broadway. I recommend the Harve Presnell version (Yes, that Harve Presnell who played in Fargo).

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