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2018-12-23 05:30 50005762 Anonymous (Machiavelli.jpg 435x557 205kB)
Who here lie?

35 min later 50006272 Anonymous
Not me, tut-tut, never did.

36 min later 50006293 Anonymous
>>50005762 I'm not good at lying.

39 min later 50006327 Anonymous
>>50005762 I omit the truth, and on the odd occasion, deceive. I avoid lying.

54 min later 50006517 Anonymous
>tfw manic liar how do I stop robots

1 hours later 50006676 Anonymous
>>50006517 >what did you eat for breakfast anon >oh some pb and j sandwhiches IT WAS ACTUALLY MILK AND CEREAL >nice weather eh anon >yeah its pretty nice I FUCKING HATE SUNNY DAYS >woah are those real new balances >yeah from their website NOPE JUST A CHINESE KNOCK OFF Wew. Life truly sounds tragic for you.

1 hours later 50006762 Anonymous
>>50006676 i said i avoid lying. now that i think of it, I lie to normies all the time.

1 hours later 50006784 Anonymous
I don't like lying, but I'm willing to hold information, even if that is a form of dishonesty.

1 hours later 50006824 Anonymous
>>50006762 And are you going to try and lie and claim you aren't legally blind you fucking crosseyed twat?

1 hours later 50006849 Anonymous
>>50006676 I do this sometimes too but when I catch myself doing this bs I say I'm kidding afterwards as a joke and it usually makes me look stupid

1 hours later 50006897 Anonymous
>>50006849 So what? Unless you are being questioned by the police or some shit what is the point of telling the truth? You shouldn't care about what other people think about you but when it would take hours to explain that liking Trump doesn't make you Hitler's relative or some shit that could make you even lose your job or whatever, why would you even bother to waste energy on npc dialogue. Just say something basic and move on.

1 hours later 50006929 Anonymous
>>50006824 wut (originaIwut)

1 hours later 50006938 Anonymous
>>50006897 If I just lie I'll seem inconsistent in my responses. You have a point though it is a waste of time just talking to randos about random shit

1 hours later 50006962 Anonymous
>>50006938 >If I just lie I'll seem inconsistent in my responses That's where the not caring about what other people think comes in. Unless you are trying to build a friendship or what not, like you said, no point in wasting time and being honest about stuff.

1 hours later 50006979 Anonymous
>>50006929 Are you trying some mind games my retard? I replied to the manic liar guy not the avoid lying guy which is you. The fuck is wrong with your head?

1 hours later 50007007 Anonymous (1517607342841.jpg 750x750 80kB)
>>50006979 I am the person who originally said i avoid lying. You replied to me. Do not insult me.

1 hours later 50007058 Anonymous
>>50007007 >haha am i going insane, is anon right, did jannies move my reply haha lol this is so random, this anon is joking and got me good hehe nice one upboated :-DDDDDD Neck yourself with razor wire.

1 hours later 50007088 Anonymous
>>50007058 epic troll brother >>>/reddit/

1 hours later 50007178 Anonymous
>>50007088 Dude you make me fucking sick. You are so low IQ that you think there could be other people of your level that would actually fall for your shit. Muh deceive, truth omission and shizzz. Fucking tv show smooth talker roleplaying faggot. But I still want those (You)s. So keep on talking "trifecta" boi.

1 hours later 50007228 Anonymous
>>50007178 it amuses me how enthusiastic you are about this. i didn't even read 3/4 of your post.

1 hours later 50007244 Anonymous
>>50005762 Who doesn't? Lying can get you out of sticky situations.

1 hours later 50007288 Anonymous
>>50007228 Doesn't matter got (You). Keep going fren, I'm about to make cummies.

1 hours later 50007320 Namefagging OP (1455493965234.png 420x387 10kB)
>>50007178 Someone lied to and deceived this fucking faggot. Why you have to ruin our devilish thread you truthful moralfag?

1 hours later 50007327 Anonymous
>>50007288 here have anotherone idgas

1 hours later 50007350 Anonymous
>>50007320 It wasn't lying you stupid frogposter. Lying implies that it's something that can't be easily denied. Putting a post it note with retard on your forehead and saying it's not there is what children or underdeveloped autists do. >>50007327 Top lad.

1 hours later 50007422 Namefagging OP
>>50007350 Lying has many interpretations. You sound like a fucking normie you faggot

1 hours later 50007450 Anonymous
>>50007422 >You sound like a fucking normie you faggot Speech appearence - 100. Thanks friend. Deceiving idiots was never that easy.

3 hours later 50008981 Anonymous
i lie to protect others

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