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2018-12-23 05:29 50005759 Anonymous (Bloody Time.png 1280x720 1358kB)
Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day untiI I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of productivity I'm satisfied with. Day 70.

45 min later 50006412 Anonymous
>>50005759 >day 70 I've never seen this being posted here.

49 min later 50006454 Anonymous (1539444573500s.jpg 105x125 1kB)
>>50006412 Probably because you just got here today.

53 min later 50006499 Anonymous
>>50006454 Did pewdiepie post a new "greentext memes" video fuck him if so

57 min later 50006584 Anonymous
>>50005759 you can do it anon! but at least the picture contains a cute anime girl!

1 hours later 50006632 Anonymous
>>50005759 How's your productivity coming along, Vivi poster?

1 hours later 50006695 Anonymous
>>50006412 Perhaps you don't check /r9k/ often at this time of day. I always post at the same time. >>50006584 Cute anime girls are the best medicine for procrastination. >>50006632 It's been pretty good for the past week, and yesterday. Today is off to a rocky start; hopefully I can course-correct. Have a productive day too, anon.

1 hours later 50006815 Anonimous (1494262223442.jpg 866x866 55kB)
>>50005759 I've seen you posting every day, so answer me this - >who is Vivi >why she cooks acorns >what powers that cooker

1 hours later 50006976 Anonymous (TESTAMENT_2018-12-12_11-28-11.png 1280x720 1322kB)
>>50006815 Sure. Vivi is a Shinigami that has been alive for over 200 years. Well, that's what she calls herself, but in reality, she is a Testament, someone who kills the monsters known as Regnants in order to recover their Pages. She has been alive for this long all in the pursuit of her dream, which is to get rid of the Epistula, which is given its power by these Pages. She cooks acorns for several reasons. One is that she doesn't like coming in contact with emotional warmth of any sort, as she has to be able to stay a ruthless killer in order to complete her mission. Eating normal food would make her feel nostalgic for a normal life, so she avoids doing that. Another reason is that she likes the smell of acorns, I think, as they remind her of her one friend that died 200 years ago, who always had a grassy smell to her for some reason. The cooker is powered by cassettes of some sort. I don't quite know how it works, but I think they are fairly common in Japan. The cassettes do have fuel in them that can run out.

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