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2018-12-23 05:29 50005747 Anonymous (IMG_20181223_182717.jpg 680x908 141kB)
>ready to spend Christmas with me, anon-kun? How do you proceed?

0 min later 50005760 Anonymous
Yes. Anything but my family.

16 min later 50005977 Anonymous (JlXtPpf.png 412x351 79kB)
>tfw had a asian gf that looks like OPs pic until 3 weeks ago >tfw planned on spending christmas and new years with her >tfw its all over now why do you tear open these wounds again op? WHY

21 min later 50006052 Anonymous (IMG_20181223_184854.jpg 1538x2048 441kB)
>>50005977 I'm sorry Anon, let's ganbarimashou regardless of the pain

49 min later 50006453 Anonymous
>>50005747 Shortcake, tangerines and cuddling under blankets until we start with cleaning the house? I could sign up for that, but I bet you want to be social and modern.

51 min later 50006469 Anonymous (hqdefault.jpg 480x360 34kB)
>>50005747 you got the wrong anon-kun sweetie, I'm not into asians

1 hours later 50006746 Anonymous (IMG_20181223_193845.jpg 2048x1536 192kB)
>>50006469 He looks sad... I bet he's thinking about tfw no asian gf

2 hours later 50007947 Anonymous
>>50005747 "get the h ell out of my house ching chong

2 hours later 50008023 Anonymous
Dammit I want an asian gf so bad anons

2 hours later 50008034 Anonymous
>>50005977 youre on the wrong board chad so fuck off. if youre wh*te go to pol

2 hours later 50008048 Anonymous
>>50005747 Sorry but KFC is disgusting

2 hours later 50008055 Anonymous
>>50005747 everytime i see this picture in the catalog it makes me want to kill myself.

2 hours later 50008087 Anonymous
>>50008023 if ur white they are kinda easy to get just like dont be fat and be fun. Just be a fun person. Example: my brother. He plays lol and fortnite all day, very skinny, annoying, 17, has gotten 2 gfs both basically IRL anime characters

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