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2018-12-23 05:28 50005738 Anonymous (zz.jpg 300x168 8kB)
>one chance at life >born a roastie

1 min later 50005768 Anonymous
I love that I was. I mean getting periods sucks, but still.

2 min later 50005769 Anonymous
Don't feel bad I'm sure some lonely incel will still appreciate your stringy ropey fleshbox. Hell you can even attach a seat and charge little kids to swing from it ahahhahaha

8 min later 50005855 Anonymous
I know that feel. I wish I was a guy sometimes.

9 min later 50005866 Anonymous
want to trade places?

10 min later 50005884 Anonymous
>>50005866 You really think someone who browses here is cute?

11 min later 50005890 Anonymous
>>50005738 LOL pretty embarrassing desu, being an inferior sex and all... you'll never get to know what it's like to have a dick it's pretty awesome

11 min later 50005892 Anonymous
>>50005866 >implying I would subject anyone to the absolute suffering and hell that is being me No.

12 min later 50005913 Anonymous
>>50005738 >>50005768 >>50005855 none of you are female. on the off chance that you are, post tits and fuck off

13 min later 50005922 Anonymous
>>50005884 what does it matter? >>50005892 as long as you are not a loser with learning difficulties who has never had a friend in their lives I will take it

14 min later 50005934 Anonymous
>>50005884 Yeah but it doesn't matter because I'd be able to find someone who would like me despite the fact that I'm not cute. I'd know what to look for.

14 min later 50005941 Anonymous
>>50005768 i get such intense fucking chronic insomnia as my only PMS symptom and it sucks so hard that i actively love getting my period since i can finally sleep

15 min later 50005950 Anonymous
>>50005922 I am literally a complete fucking loser who has never had a friend, online or otherwise, in their entire life.

16 min later 50005961 Anonymous
>>50005950 why not? It's easy to find friends online when you are a woman. you should be glad you weren't born a man

16 min later 50005967 Anonymous
>>50005913 And get banned? No thank you

21 min later 50006041 Anonymous
>>50005961 >It's easy to find friends online when you are a woman. Not if you have unironic autism and social retardation.

23 min later 50006097 Anonymous
>>50006041 I'll be your friend, I'm equally as socially retarded

25 min later 50006121 Anonymous
>>50006097 Are you a guy or a femanon? Doesn't matter to me either way, just asking. But yes, we can be friends. Do you have an email or something?

30 min later 50006200 Anonymous
>>50006121 I'm the guy you were replying to gjkna2+cvz458z5ji3f0@sharklasers.co m

1 hours later 50006759 Anonymous (1514607400333.jpg 738x600 105kB)
>>50006121 Can I be your friend? Do you have a Discord?

1 hours later 50007071 Anonymous
>>50005738 >>born a roastie Roasties aren't born. Your vagina is just overused by African Americans with BBCs.

1 hours later 50007258 Anonymous
>>50005738 Can we see a closeup of it on /soc/?

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