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2018-12-23 05:25 50005698 Anonymous (tingtingting.png 1000x1000 280kB)
>*Ting ting ting* >*Ahem* I fucking hate women.

0 min later 50005711 Anonymous (1538097560397.jpg 480x544 23kB)
>>50005698 /r9k/ jannies btfo'd

1 min later 50005720 Anonymous
>>50005698 Incel fuck stop hating like a fool. Why don't you try doing something productive instead?

2 min later 50005737 Anonymous
>>50005698 based. cute boys are the only treasure on earth

5 min later 50005788 Anonymous
>Muh le fancy upscale pepe green guy Fucking normie faggot.

28 min later 50006120 Anonymous
>>50005737 The more I begin to hate women, the more I begin to find cute bois attractive. Too bad most gays and bisexuals would probably sperg out about my views on women because "muh misogyny"

31 min later 50006177 Anonymous
>>50006120 you might be surprised by how much liberal gays hate women dude. Even most women hate other women. Literally the only people who pretend they're decent are the people who want to fuck them, straight guys.

33 min later 50006209 Anonymous
*ting ching chong* I'm gonna order Chinese food

36 min later 50006241 Anonymous
>>50006177 I hope so. I'm always worried that gays are just SJW as well. You always gotta be careful, especially right now given the anti-incel/manosphere resentment by leftists.

1 hours later 50006696 Anonymous
>>50005698 i also hate girls. because they are too powerful in the law and society

1 hours later 50006706 Anonymous
>>50006209 what you ordering? I was thinking of doing the same

1 hours later 50006731 Anonymous (E26EAAF8-53F0-49FE-895E-5A0F34EDC19D.png 960x540 476kB)
>>50006706 I ordered gook chicken in chink sauce and dumplings

1 hours later 50006733 Anonymous
>>50005698 based and agreeable

1 hours later 50006753 Anonymous
>>50005698 You sir, are, most certainly - ahem - gay.

1 hours later 50006863 Anonymous (1545508229197.gif 554x400 123kB)
>>50005698 wwwoooww woowwoow hohohooo based op based

1 hours later 50006874 Anonymous
>>50006146 https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/782950 62-2d42-4290-9ca9-65dc07a7a5da

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