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2018-12-23 05:24 50005675 Anonymous (1m9tzft88z011.jpg 1234x1232 113kB)
Hello Anons. I hope you are all staying cozy and happy this month. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

1 min later 50005697 Anonymous
Hoping to find someone who doesn't cheat on me and lie about it for months.

2 min later 50005712 Anonymous
>>50005675 Hopefully rent money so I can survive a few more months.

2 min later 50005725 Anonymous (1494718081898.png 300x250 31kB)
I am getting a nice comfy jacket and a new pair of shoes. I need them both very badly.

4 min later 50005746 Anonymous
>>50005712 It is hard living alone. I know I just finally found my forever job. I am still saving up for a few years to afford a down payment on a house. >>50005697 I am sorry to hear that. I know it will be hard for a long while. Trust isn't something that will just happen again with someone new. >>50005725 That sounds very nice! You will be so stylish.

9 min later 50005815 Anonymous
>>50005675 >What are you hoping to get for Christmas? Drunk. I can't get anything else I want, not that I ever do, but what I can get is good and fucked up.

19 min later 50005948 Anonymous
>>50005675 Brain Cancer, hopefully.

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