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2018-12-23 05:17 50005597 Anonymous (02A84400-263F-42B4-90A8-941F6744297A.png 480x462 155kB)
When I have to wipe my ass I pull up both of my sleeves. Please tell me you guys do this too.

24 min later 50005915 Anonymous (mikey.png 437x393 186kB)
>>50005597 I take off my jacket

26 min later 50005957 Anonymous
i always have real fast paced and heavy sex after i shit, so i get swamp ass and get to wipe it over the girl

28 min later 50005976 Anonymous
>he wears clothes when he shits

29 min later 50005999 Anonymous
>>50005976 to squat on the seat you need your shoes so you don't slip though

1 hours later 50006521 Anonymous
>>50005999 The fuck are you talking about? I squat when I shit and I can manage to not slip just fine. Why are you feet so wet?

1 hours later 50006572 Anonymous (Screenshot_2018-12-16-21-06-12-1.png 1440x1408 1914kB)
I have to shit completely naked down to my socks

1 hours later 50006643 Anonymous (458BFFC5-C4B9-4596-8937-E146C43EC77F.jpg 1000x1000 122kB)
yes yes my good sir. i strip completely naked before dropping a hot steaming shit into my lavatory.

1 hours later 50006836 Anonymous
>>50006521 well sometimes pee sprays on the seat or one of your poos hits the water hard enough to wet the seat a bit and it gets slippery it's too scary to risk it imo

2 hours later 50007474 Anonymous
If it's a rough shit I take off my shirt

2 hours later 50007796 Anonymous
I hold the shirt under my chin (im not even fat anymore)) I dont sit on the toilet seat I just squat if at home i take my entire pants off

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