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2018-12-23 05:12 50005550 Anonymous (npc.jpg 640x480 28kB)
>Be me legendary hacker >Go to the NPC creation center >Hear knocking on the door >It's Tumblr >Send NPC 3899498 and 273978 >Go to Kroger >Ask if they have any more NPC parts for sale >They say no >Hack FBI helicopters so the crash into Kroger >walk home >Look up >300 Npcs are trying to login into 4chan >One of them passes the captcha and Makes this post. >Hacks Tumblr so it says NORMIE SCUM.

13 min later 50005701 Anonymous
OP is a cumskin nigger

1 hours later 50006727 Anonymous
>>50005701 is he a cumskin or a nigger now?

2 hours later 50007489 Namefagging OP
>>50006727 >Angry cumnig detected Both. Only a cum-mut like you would ask that.

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