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2018-12-23 05:12 50005547 Anonymous (cute megu3.jpg 464x618 39kB)
free (you) someone talk to me while I wasit for my babe to wake up

5 min later 50005605 Anonymous
>>50005547 kys failed normalnig

13 min later 50005690 Anonymous
>>50005547 Stop wasitting your babe faggot

14 min later 50005722 Anonymous
Is it the same babe that gifted you a $200 daki for christmas?

21 min later 50005813 Anonymous
>>50005722 different girl >>50005605 >kys failed normalnig yeah im a hikikomori instead f a fucking incel. >>50005690 >Stop wasitting your babe faggot wheres your babe

22 min later 50005823 Anonymous
>>50005813 Jesus what a fucking Chad, he's got multiple babes and yet he's a hikikomori

25 min later 50005865 Anonymous
>>50005813 At least I'm not a faggot in disguise

1 hours later 50006721 Anonymous
>>50005823 eits easy, I cou;ld have even more. incel fag " >>50005865 >At least I'm not a faggot in disguise im the one with woman who want to giver me money you fag

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