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2018-12-23 05:09 50005514 Anonymous (_.jpg 1280x1731 468kB)
Fucking losers... you brag about not having a girlfriend while to spend your whole day masturbating to shitty anime porn. You deserve to be miserable, an I do not feel pity for you. Fuck you. Suicide already and make the world a favor.

1 min later 50005526 Anonymous
>>50005514 sounds like you need to get laid. how do you feel about boypucci?

2 min later 50005549 Anonymous (32a8e9_6863207.jpg 900x1305 392kB)
How am I supposed to beat my dick if I'm dead?

5 min later 50005581 Anonymous
>>50005526 I fucked my gf yesterday since it was my birthday so I guess you're the one that needs to get laid. Have you ever feel how's a mouth/pussy on your dick? it is amazing, I can assure you!

7 min later 50005595 Anonymous
>>50005581 Just because it was your birthday? That doesn't seem like a healthy sexual relationship.

8 min later 50005610 Anonymous
>>50005595 It was like a birthday gift. I also got an Apple Watch :)

10 min later 50005625 Anonymous
>>50005610 The watch from her? If not and her gift was just fucking you, that is just sad.

11 min later 50005633 Anonymous (1515161448528.jpg 480x480 42kB)
Alexander wasn't even white. The rest of the world thought of Macedonia as being somewhat civilized but mostly barbaric. If he hadn't been such a genius he would have been seen as just another uncivilized subhuman.

11 min later 50005634 Anonymous
>>50005610 >Being gifted sex That's some cuck shit right there

12 min later 50005647 Anonymous
>>50005625 Nah, it was from my parents. Her gift was her unconditional love for me, which is enough for me. Also, at least I get to fuck a human being and not a pillow :^)

13 min later 50005657 Anonymous
>>50005514 sez the faggot posting on an anime board. kys normie.

13 min later 50005660 Anonymous
>>50005514 >you brag about not having a girlfriend u wot >while to spend your whole day masturbating to shitty anime porn I'd rather have a gf to cuddle and love, but I don't jerk off to anime porn, let alone all day friend. Congrats on the (You)s and the roleplaying scenario that you've constructed in your head with your gf that gives you garbage consumer trash and sex for your birthday.

13 min later 50005666 Anonymous
>>50005634 When was the last time you fapped? Two hours ago? Three?

15 min later 50005685 Anonymous (1527097371377.gif 218x218 1572kB)
>>50005660 Have a (You), incel

17 min later 50005718 Anonymous
>>50005647 No. I am sorry, that is not enough. I have a partner myself and I could never see her treating sex as some special gift. She goes all out on my birthday....well, every holiday. Make yours try harder

19 min later 50005745 Anonymous
>>50005718 You're telling me what's enough and what not? I bet the last interaction you had with a girl was of the type "H-hi *she ignores you*". These incels...

21 min later 50005783 Anonymous
>>50005514 I just don't like women that much and like to live alone

22 min later 50005796 Anonymous
>>50005745 That's fine. You can keep believing that's true. I'll just continue having my healthy relationship....while you have...well...that

22 min later 50005799 Anonymous (FThisThread.gif 300x169 1660kB)
>>50005514 imagine being so confident that you have to brag about your sex life on an imageboard. What did you gain from doing this?

24 min later 50005820 Anonymous
>>50005799 Dudes only getting laid on his birthday. Needs to brag every chance he gets

1 hours later 50006899 Anonymous
>>50005514 your opinion does not matter. you are worthless and nobody cares about what you have to say.

1 hours later 50006984 Anonymous
>>50005514 Now read your your post and look at the url bar.Realise where you are and find comfort in the fact you are indeed a homosexual.

1 hours later 50006997 Anonymous
>>50005514 Do you even know what "brag" means?

1 hours later 50007135 Anonymous
>>50005514 Fucking disabled people... you brag about not having legs while to spend your whole day thinking about walking. You deserve to be miserable, an I do not feel pity for you. Fuck you. Suicide already and make the world a favor.

1 hours later 50007162 Anonymous
>>50005514 >caring about women lmfao I'm voluntarily celibate now. It's very freeing. You don't realize how much time you waste chasing pussy until you just stop.

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