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2018-12-23 05:09 50005507 Anonymous (voynich2-800x523.png 800x523 781kB)
Reminder that you don't need any artistic talent whatsoever for your artwork to have a huge impact on the world. Becoming famous is 99% chance and luck.

28 min later 50005858 Anonymous
I don't care about making an impact, I want to be proud of making good art.

43 min later 50006105 Anonymous
it's more like 99.99999999% luck with the internet. at least back in the day you could increase your chances by putting yourself out there, now with the internet any retard can make something and think they're special.

46 min later 50006142 Anonymous
>>50005507 pic related wasn't famous for its illustrations, it was famous because no one could decipher the writing. but i sort of agree. its like 90% marketing and socialising

1 hours later 50007021 Anonymous
Talent sucks unless you are a natural. I should know, because I'm not and making art is a tenuous chore that amounts to nothing in the end. Through robotics though I will make great men. I will breed them to do my bidding. All art is subjugated to me, because I am an apostle of God. Pound it!

1 hours later 50007046 Anonymous
>>50007021 By the way there is a difference between "talent" and "natural" talent, which is that one is forced and the other, isn't. It's easy to tell which one is half-baked, and which one is the gospel.

1 hours later 50007070 Anonymous (1529349759994.jpg 425x425 39kB)
>Westerners don't care about beauty or art they just want to be famous and espouse political messages It all makes sense now.

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