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2018-12-23 05:08 50005498 Anonymous (671b3b32171a785d18036deb44040d56.jpg 540x720 25kB)
"Listen. I know you might not want to talk about it, but it's really eating away at me. Are you really okay? I know you're used to keeping everything to yourself. And I know you might be afraid if you open up, it'll be pointless since the person will just leave you like everybody else.. But I'm not going to leave you. And I want to know whats wrong. I know life is tough.. And I know you've gone through a lot, and all by yourself too. But I'm here now. I don't ever want to leave your side. I love you, Anon."

0 min later 50005510 Anonymous
No you're never going to hear this from a girl forget it.

1 min later 50005521 Anonymous
>>50005510 >im a girl and i typed this out based on what i wish i could say to someone get pranked

3 min later 50005536 Anonymous (244.jpg 1999x1339 425kB)
>"Lets go on a walk together! Bundle up though, it's cold, and I wouldn't want you getting frostbit or anything. I know you don't like going out too much, and I know winter is a perfect time to just use the cold as an excuse to stay in, but the snow is really pretty. Come on! My hands might get cold though, and if they do, you gotta let me hold yours!"

3 min later 50005546 Anonymous
>>50005498 What do you want roastie? I don't have any money. Stop badgering me.

4 min later 50005563 Anonymous
>>50005521 LMAOO another bitter /r9k/ incel gettin rekt and kek't

6 min later 50005578 Anonymous
>>50005563 i've heard that response a million times before and been called a faggot virgin who will never get gf a million times too, funny how they have no idea and think itll actually hurt

7 min later 50005582 Anonymous
Can I have a drag ?

10 min later 50005608 Anonymous
>>50005498 >>50005536 Wow I now want to eat your diarhea

13 min later 50005641 Anonymous
>>50005498 Do you love me enough to give me a blowjob?

13 min later 50005646 Anonymous
>>50005498 What is with her eyes?

16 min later 50005676 Anonymous (147.jpg 392x394 33kB)
"Hey. You're cute. Has anyone ever told you that? I think you're the cutest thing ever. Seeing you smile and making you smile is my favorite thing. I think you deserve better than the shitty life you've been given and I wish things were more fair for you, but even so I'm going to do my best to make you as happy as possible in this shitty world. I love you and want to give you the world, though you are my world."

17 min later 50005705 Anonymous (download_1.jpg 225x225 5kB)
>starting a thread with THAT fuck guages fuck jannies fuck OP

29 min later 50005863 Anonymous (pepe_disdainful.jpg 320x422 22kB)
>>50005498 >cigarette >nose piercing Get the fuck out of my face, you disgusting hag.

31 min later 50005893 Anonymous
>>50005498 well, you see bitch, its your fake eyebrows. Your dumb as fuck gage earrings. Your fucking nose piercing. You just absolutely disgust me

32 min later 50005901 Anonymous
Why do these kinds of threads exist? What is the point?

36 min later 50005972 Anonymous
Pro tip for all of you out there who have hevent been in a relationship. Don't ever spill your guys to a woman. Don't show any weak emotions. She will lose respect bfor you. They may think or say they want to know that shit, but they really don't. They want you to be the strong one. Never cry in front of them unless it's a death of a family member or something like this. And even then don't ball and weep.

38 min later 50006003 Anonymous
wtf are you on about yea im fine

38 min later 50006006 Anonymous
>>50005646 I know someone who had this. Head trauma can cause permanent dialated pupils.

49 min later 50006184 Anonymous
>>50005972 only met 1 girl ever whose been an exception to your statement, and when she stopped being depressed she dropped me lmao. you're right

1 hours later 50006418 INFP
>>50005498 what the fuck is going on with your cigarette bitch

1 hours later 50006500 Anonymous
>>50005521 We're* never going to hear this from a girl, only depressed and distant chad

1 hours later 50006577 Anonymous
>>50005646 Same David Bowie had

1 hours later 50006589 Anonymous

1 hours later 50006681 Anonymous
>>50005498 Im so fucked up lately that I would just burst in fucking tears like a bitch, and she would be gone for good

1 hours later 50006821 Anonymous
>>50006681 tfw no bf whos hair i can stroke while he cries in my lap and i whisper to him to shh and that itll all be okay and im here and i love him until hes coherent enough to have a solid conversation with me about whats wrong and i offer my best comfort and solutions

1 hours later 50006843 Anonymous
>>50005521 fucking tell him unless they're a her in which case stop being a degenerate

1 hours later 50006864 Anonymous
>>50006821 Stop tricking me,you only want my tears femanon.

1 hours later 50006869 Anonymous
>>50006843 i cant he doesnt like me lol

1 hours later 50006909 Anonymous
>>50006821 Post your finger I don't think you're a woman

1 hours later 50006965 Anonymous
>not wanting a gf that is just as depressed as you are Plebs

1 hours later 50007030 Anonymous
>>50006821 Had a girl like that but after a year she just flat out refused to have sex with me ever outside of the strict work of making kids and then no matter how much i cried and explained to her what sex meant to me everything crumbled down because she thought i just wanted to use her a a sex toy.

1 hours later 50007059 Anonymous
You is threatening I Hopeless Situation mistress??

2 hours later 50007192 Anonymous
>>50005901 To make you feel miserable.

2 hours later 50007311 Anonymous
>>50007059 Kimi no eego senzen wakarimasen, anon-san

3 hours later 50008603 Anonymous
>>50006869 he might after you say such a sweet thing to him

3 hours later 50008630 Anonymous
>>50005676 Even tho I don't know you this makes me feel a bit better so thank you for your kind words.

4 hours later 50009347 Anonymous
>>50005676 >nobody will ever say such a thing about you Nobody likes being around me and I can always see the disgust in their faces when I show up. Even my mother looks in disgust and I can see the sadness in her eyes whenever I come home. The only friend I thought I had recently stated that he hates my guts and hated me for a long time and wishes me to go away and leave him alone and I know my mother feels the same. I wish I could get the courage soon to walk away and never bother her again.

4 hours later 50009859 Anonymous (yr31aQ2.jpg 816x960 142kB)
>>50005498 Is this the same girl? Also, fuck you.

4 hours later 50009932 Anonymous
>>50005498 Ah fuck this made me feel the sad things again. Why do I still come here.

5 hours later 50010187 Anonymous
>>50005676 >>50005498 >>50005536 Said no girl ever. but still it hit me hard

5 hours later 50010205 Anonymous
>>50005498 this would never happen. especially from a girl with ear gauges, smoking a clove.

5 hours later 50010233 Anonymous
>>50005498 Alright... I'll open up, you got me. It's your fucking ears. I can't stand them.

5 hours later 50010318 Anonymous
>>50010187 >said no girl ever *to you I knew a girl like that, she'd say all these nice things, she'd always be there whenever I needed someone to talk, she'd try to cheer me up, offer advice or she'd simply be there and listen, but I know she was wasted on someone like me, she deserved the best, not some fuck up like me, so I acted like an asshole, said she was an overbearing cunt and that if she wanted a pet project or someone to fix she should look somewhere else because I couldn't fucking stand her anymore On one hand, I regret this decision more than anything, but I know it was the right thing to do

5 hours later 50010690 Anonymous
>>50005536 >getting frostbit I can only read this with this guy's voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLM rHRuhxO4

5 hours later 50010909 Anonymous
>>50010318 Whoa anon the nuts to do something like that, I would never be able to do it. Maybe you're stronger then you think.

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