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2018-12-23 05:06 50005467 Anonymous Why don't you do it anon? (1485966621540.jpg 1080x1349 127kB)
>Take a shower. Read about weightlifting or bodyweight fitness. Read about healthy diet and save some basic and affordable receipts. Download books that you've always wanted to read or about subjects you're actually interested in. Disconnect from the internet and live one month without internet and porn to reboot your brain. Now start lifting/exercising, reading and going for a walk for an hour or two everyday. Try regularly meditate for 30 minutes if you feel like it, some people really like it. Go to sleep early. After a month you could reconnect to the internet again but don't spend more than an hour on social media and 4chan daily. Fap once per week/two weeks. Just after month you'll be a very different, much better person.

1 min later 50005491 Anonymous
>>50005467 what if I dont wanna change because the world fucking sucks anyway also what makes you think we cant fucking come up with this shit from ourselves?

3 min later 50005515 Anonymous
Weight lifting just caused me to be aggressive and angrier in general. I still have an assault conviction from those days.

5 min later 50005532 Anonymous
>>50005515 it wasn't weight lifting, it was your lack of self control you negro

6 min later 50005545 Anonymous
>>50005467 most robots love their lives. the depression meme is just a way to get attention

6 min later 50005554 I fucked Tiffany & Ivanka.
Pheonominal bait OP

7 min later 50005561 Anonymous
>>50005532 >no anger/aggression problems before weight lifting >none after I stopped

7 min later 50005569 I fucked Tiffany & Ivanka.
>>50005545 I dunno why you call those people robots but I doubt they started the meme or have anything to do with it either. I think it's shills trying to push their agenda. Don't you agree?

8 min later 50005580 Anonymous
>>50005569 >word salad yeah i agree robots have comfy lives

11 min later 50005594 Anonymous
>>50005467 No you won't. I "fixed" myself a few years back. Got married, got a high paying job. I'm still miserable and wish I was dead.

12 min later 50005612 I fucked Tiffany & Ivanka.
>>50005580 >buzz words "Don't call me Shirley"

14 min later 50005632 Anonymous (22730225_522131414816116_1294069442563396391_n.jpg 210x240 8kB)
this place is a literal psychological battlefield. whose behind it? who wants us to believe that going gay is the right thing to do if you can't get a gf? who wants us to believe that all women are whores? who wants us to believe the jews are behind it all? it's a never ending cyclical meme that is designed to get us to kill ourselves or get us to go gay, get aids and die. either way, it's to remove us from this world. the best thing you can do is what OP said to do. get the fuck off this board and live your life. no one is doing you any favors here, people who are genuine are few and far between and most of them are evil psychopaths who would literally pay for your estrogen pills and would literally love to see you live stream your suicide.

15 min later 50005638 Anonymous
>>50005594 see? it's all just a mindset. anyone can be happy (or miserable) if they want to.

16 min later 50005652 Anonymous
>>50005632 >thinking that the success of homosexuality is a bad thing yikes

17 min later 50005667 Anonymous (NaserOric.jpg 1044x774 59kB)
>>50005467 >I sleep from 9pm to 6am. (i"m literally never tired for this reason. I automatically wake up at 6 because that's how I conditioned myself) >I drink more than enough water every day to hydrate. >I do exercise enough to keep ottermode, although I don't have to. I could literally just go swimming once every week, it would be enough >eat healthy, no junkfood ever, whatsoever, I eat some takeout with my roommates sometimes >barely go on the internet or obsess about things the way I used to >on nofap and haven't masturbated since june-july With the exceptions, I use discord as the internet, and I rarely read books, I only read manifestos and watch some documentaries online. I am not a different person. Nothing in my mindset or confidence has changed. How about that now?

26 min later 50005793 I fucked Tiffany & Ivanka.
>>50005632 >"whose behind it?" Your limp dicked dad

29 min later 50005832 Anonymous
>>50005561 maybe being strong made you feel like you could take out your frustrations on people without getting your ass kicked. unless you were juicing then that makes more sense

29 min later 50005836 Anonymous
I got a solid fucking physique. It feels nice, but it's a huge meme. It doesnt make me any happier not it gets me laid. Bitches mirin left and right but that's meaningless if you still dont get any action. Also used to meditate a lot. It's another meme. Makes concentration easier but that's about it.

1 hours later 50006344 Anonymous
basede op oregyno

1 hours later 50006486 Anonymous
>>50005667 >look how special I am I think this is the problem with most folks on the board. Everything is contest to show just how much more messed up one is over another.

1 hours later 50006602 Anonymous (1534656307106.gif 501x362 685kB)
>>50005467 >Why don't you do it anon? Because most of your advice is vain and stupid and I have a great life and gorgeous wife without it. Reading, showering, eating well. That's about all you got right and all of those things are common sense. Where are you insightful again?

1 hours later 50006618 Anonymous
>>50005467 None of that makes me a 'better' person.

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