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2018-12-23 05:05 50005462 Anonymous who /dontgiveafuck/? (end it.jpg 600x483 164kB)
>getting drunk >listening to ghostmane Let the dark consume your soul

3 min later 50005508 Anonymous
I took 2 lorazepams last night and listened to lil peep, I was visualizing the song lyrics and it was great, woke up fucked up

12 min later 50005604 Anonymous
I care not to care

13 min later 50005618 Anonymous
>>50005508 >lorazepam dude i fucking love ativan so much, its so cool. i find that my mind would often just turn to this weird state where i could visualize things and i would close my eyes and not be able to discern having my eyes closed from having my eyes open and id be seeing all kind of shit. ativan is underrated as hell.

19 min later 50005684 Anonymous (fcfe220105dfcc87ba2b6c4a98a8befe.600x600x1.jpg 600x600 82kB)
>I don't care that you don't care that I don't care

19 min later 50005689 Anonymous
>>50005462 gtkrwn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbe eu3BkLp0&vl=en celebrate the light, make the nation white

30 min later 50005844 Anonymous
>>50005684 i care what you care about. what else dont you care about? We can all share our pains and struggles here. We arent normal people and thats why were here.

37 min later 50005942 Anonymous
i don't really understand people who don't give a fuck because outside forces can still fuck with you

43 min later 50006031 Anonymous
>>50005942 people that dont give a fuck, like myself, have already been affected by outside forces to the point of having lost all control of themselves. I feel overwhelmed by the happenings of the world and in my own circle of existence. from early childhood ive experienced traumas that effected every aspect of my teenage life all the way into adulthood, and it all stems from one place. Outside forces are the only thing that a person has to deal with, everything on the inside is a byproduct. We suffer in a way that is beyond our understanding, which is why we dont give a fuck. We dont want to understand. We dont care about it because we've been so affected by it that our ability to control any of it is lost. Its a never ending cycle of ability and inability. We were cursed from the start and that curse lingers for all of our days. We cant be free, and thusly we dont give a fuck.

51 min later 50006170 Anonymous
>>50006031 i just don't really like living in the world. everything seems so fucked up and imbalanced. even when you just want to isolate yourself and be alone that's impossible unless you want to die on the streets, it's like we are never really in control of our lives and there's always some outside force peeking in waiting to fuck you over. i can't look at the news or the state of the world without having an anxiety attack, i just wish it would all end or something would happen to make people wake up and stop deluding themselves.

1 hours later 50006349 Anonymous (1503779483141.gif 600x600 2056kB)
>>50005462 >get high >listen to ghostemane ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK

1 hours later 50006452 Anonymous
>>50006170 same man. The world is fucked and theres no changing that. just accept that most people dont care about the state of the world and are only concerned with their fabricated lives. We all live in delusion and all of our reality is just a figment of our imagination. Nothing we do matters to anyone but ourselves. Our achievements are just whispers in the wind, and the troubles of the world are nothing more than moments in passing. the struggle never ends.and people never change.

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