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2018-12-23 04:59 50005392 Anonymous (Shub-Niggurath.jpg 1200x849 109kB)
My plan is to plant so many trees that the sun is blocked out and no sunlight penetrates to the forest floor so that the world is plunged into a perpetual twilight.

1 hours later 50006468 Anonymous (31Kv5Bt67LL.jpg 500x500 9kB)
>>50005392 Good luck, deer fuckers are going to eat half of them, and a quarter are going to die to exposed roots. I planted 800 spruce trees up at my uncles cabin once and it was a bitch because of ticks. It's not worth it.

1 hours later 50006483 Anonymous
((( >>50006468 ))) >It's not worth it. hello abdul who wants to turn the world into a desert by demotivational posting how's your day been

1 hours later 50006493 Anonymous
>>50006483 Plants died today, it was a good day.

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