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2018-12-23 04:59 50005383 Anonymous (pal40.png 1200x891 367kB)
Why dont you just find a caring older woman? They tend to not care about anything of what makes a robot a robot.

13 min later 50005551 Anonymous
>>50005383 No the fuck they don't. If you think you have a chance just because she's older, you've got another thing coming. Their standards only get higher as they age.

14 min later 50005567 Anonymous
>>50005551 Yeah. The only people who ever liked me were underage.

16 min later 50005584 Anonymous (ahoy spongebob.jpg 434x413 32kB)
>>50005383 >It's another why don't you just find x type of gf thread? They'll deal with your bullshit. When I get a gf, pigs will fly, the sky will be purple, and the sun will be blue.

19 min later 50005615 Anonymous
>>50005383 womens looks degrade over time but their bitchiness doesnt

21 min later 50005630 Anonymous
>>50005584 so why don't you get a gf (male)?

22 min later 50005636 Anonymous
>tfw older girl from work always pays me attention and gives me gifts >tfw she only sees me as some kind of little brother

23 min later 50005653 Anonymous (1543812738246.jpg 500x376 30kB)
>>50005630 Not that anon but pic very very very related. No matter who male or female I'm no one's type.

25 min later 50005670 Anonymous (Ah, you were at my side all along.jpg 1280x720 69kB)
>>50005630 Not even traps want an incel.

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