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2018-12-23 04:58 50005378 Anonymous (allahuakbar_0.jpg 1024x649 91kB)
>*start getting beheaded* >yell "auuuuuu" seriously?? auuu??, did she think she was in kindergarden?????? >AUCH >STOP IT not even with inminent death, women see reality. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=stZ v7_1545422535 (SEE COMMENTS FOR VIDEO WITH AUDIO)

1 min later 50005402 Anonymous
>Non-English speaker says something onomatopoeia in their native language commonly expressed while in pain >Faggot /r9k/ autist needs to keep remaking this thread all fucking day because he's retarded

3 min later 50005429 Anonymous
>>50005402 Roastie toastie angry

5 min later 50005448 Anonymous
>>50005429 Nah, I'm Finnish so I don't mind dead Norwegians (dead Swedes would be even better), but you're just absolutely fucking retarded complaining about the sounds they make hwen dying and needing to make... what? 3 threads in a row now?

6 min later 50005461 Anonymous
>>50005448 Make like a Finn and commit suicide

12 min later 50005527 Anonymous
>>50005378 Normally you would scream and cry. Maybe shout something like "No please no" Unfortunately Germanics are braindead imbeciles stuck in a mindset of a 6 year old.

14 min later 50005559 Anonymous (IMG_7160.jpg 271x247 20kB)
>>50005378 >check old thread >thread pruned or deleted >OP was probably banned repeatedly and his posting from his school library's IP

28 min later 50005719 Anonymous (Roast-Potato-Seasoning1.png 448x466 235kB)
look at their faces lol,real hike roasties who fuck chad in the bushes

29 min later 50005734 Anonymous
>>50005448 >I'm Finnish so I don't mind dead Norwegians (dead Swedes would be even better) very based and suomipilled. one of my most favorite countries is Finland because people there seem to be very based

29 min later 50005740 Anonymous
>>50005402 he's a /b/ retard, just ignore him.

52 min later 50006066 Anonymous
>>50005448 You realize that you're just an east swede, right?

55 min later 50006127 Anonymous
>>50006066 >east swede >Don't speak Swedish (forgot 90% of it after school) >Don't look Swedish >Don't like the Fenno-Swedes >Fucking hate Swedes >Swedes can't into sauna >Want to use Aland as naval target practice >Drop any movie or show that has a Swede or Fenno-Swede in it Yeah, no.

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