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2018-12-23 04:55 50005321 Anonymous (ylyl1.jpg 800x521 116kB)
I fucking hate you guys and this place. Its so fucking pathetic, toxic and depressing but yet it's our home. Merry Christmas

2 min later 50005364 Anonymous
>>50005321 Fable doth be in vogue, brother.

5 min later 50005411 Anonimous (1509828141564.gif 600x600 931kB)
>>50005321 Merry Christmas to you too anon. And fuck this "be original" bullshit.

13 min later 50005503 Feliz Natal (f990dea074d894308bfe489f712e80ce.jpg 736x574 64kB)
>>50005321 Merry Christmas, lads I wish I had a family that cares and a girlfriend to celebrate and go to a christmas mass with

53 min later 50006028 Anonymous
that has to be the most depressing christmas photo in the world

56 min later 50006091 Anonymous
>tfw all I've been doing is browsing /r9k/ and /adv/ for the last 2 days.

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