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2018-12-23 04:52 50005280 Anonymous (hJaI1c.webm 480x848 2055kB)
Imagine being a guy girls would do this to. Imagine the taste, damn.

1 min later 50005294 Anonymous
why would I want to even imagine the taste of herpes?

1 min later 50005299 Anonymous
I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit...

4 min later 50005334 Anonymous
That is pretty fucking disgusting desu.

5 min later 50005358 Anonymous
>>50005334 I would do that if a cute trap put it in her boipucci, but that vagina looks like a petri dish

35 min later 50005728 Anonymous
Is that how they actually go the clubs? And have the audacity to complain about sexual harrasment? Jesus christ this planet NEEDS a nuclear war.

43 min later 50005831 Anonymous
I'd be worried about herpes t b h

1 hours later 50006411 Anonymous
>>50005280 abso fucking lutely disgusting

1 hours later 50006429 Anonymous
>>50005358 No one gives a shit you unoriginal faggot

1 hours later 50006439 Anonymous
>>50005280 that is just fucking nasty

1 hours later 50006464 Anonymous (aku6.jpg 472x645 31kB)
>>50005280 Oh shit. >tfw not the guy

1 hours later 50006477 Anonymous
>>50005280 If this happened to me I'd beat the shit out of her

1 hours later 50006479 Anonymous
>>50005280 That's hot af. Granted, that guy probably has super aids now, but it's still hot. Well at least that whore is.

1 hours later 50006549 Anonymous
>>50005280 eww. tastes like pee mixed with sweat and rotten periodblood. plus, welcome STDs.

2 hours later 50006968 Anonymous
>>50005280 his mouth would be practically radioactive after that jesus

2 hours later 50007087 Anonymous
>>50005280 >northerners Never change

2 hours later 50007648 Anonymous
>>50005280 She looks like she has at least 10 different STDs

2 hours later 50007666 Anonymous
>>50005280 most guys here are gay though, so go away

3 hours later 50007815 Anonymous
I mean I can always get an escort slut to go to a club with me and do this to me if I so choose.. but it's really not that high on my list of priorities

3 hours later 50007833 Anonymous
>>50005280 Why are wh*Toids so damn disgusting?

3 hours later 50007870 Anonymous
>>50005280 I can only imagine how it tasted. Sweat. Pussy juice. Morning cum. HSV. Yuck

3 hours later 50007887 Anonymous
>>50007833 These creaturas are not even white you dumb shitskin

3 hours later 50008237 Anonymous
>>50007887 >falling for the racebait Dont flaunt your insecurities too much now

3 hours later 50008540 Anonymous (14774875403180.jpg 1066x1600 422kB)
is it really possible to get STD from, well, oral basically?

4 hours later 50009189 Anonymous
>sugar in vagina isn't this one way you get a yeast infection

4 hours later 50009221 Anonymous
>>50005280 It would be better if she had a penis and she stuck it on her boipucci and boiclit

4 hours later 50009380 Anonymous
>>50009221 every thread with you agenda pushing faggots.

4 hours later 50009403 Anonymous
>>50008540 Uhhh.... yes. Dummie.

4 hours later 50009508 Anonymous (1542184184352.jpg 251x242 15kB)
>>50005280 >these faggots dont understand that she's making fun of him and desperately want this

5 hours later 50009930 Anonymous
>>50009508 well they will never get even that close to real girls

5 hours later 50010013 Anonymous
>>50009380 I was just going to say she should shoot her boicum on it and let him lick it off be pretty hot

5 hours later 50010067 Anonymous
Everyone's talking about the STD risk, and not about the fact that she stuck sugar up her vagina. That's a yeast infection waiting to happen.

5 hours later 50010098 Anonymous
>>50005280 This is what mary jane does with alpha flash while pete is out fighting in his beta nerdy superhero outfit

5 hours later 50010140 Anonymous
>>50009508 >tfw such a beta that ANY kind of female interaction is my fetish chequemate, chadwicks.

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